Tuesday, 4 September 2012

In the dog box

So I am in the dog box with the wife. We had my friend stay over and after a few drinks I started making jokes about me having to sleep on the couch. It was OK after the first fifty times I said it... but I kept on. Oh well, It all comes out after a few drinks...

Although my wife did till my friend that I am a cuckold! I found that VERY sexy, unfortunately my wife doesn't find my friend attractive. He was the guy I was blogging about that has regular sex with a married woman - he calls her the Predator!

I am looking for a new friend. A very good looking friend. With a very big cock.

I am going to mount a TV in the bedroom and we can all lie on the double bed and watch movies and drink....

 I did manage last night to seduce my wife even though she was still cross with me and I did something I haven't done for a long time - I fingered her! She loved it. After which I went down on her for ages and after she came I proceeded to fuck the guts out of her! We both went to sleep feeling very contented.


  1. "In the dog house", Agent David: the phrase is, "in the dog house" .... (little NCIS for y'all!) xx

  2. Not if you are from Africa!