Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Surrounded by Hotwives

So, the hotwife that I work with told me a very interesting story yesterday. She is seeing bloke A and a few weeks ago bloke B was messaging her, when she made a sudden exclamation! I looked up at her quizzically and she said "OMG, you would not believe what this guy just said to me - he asked if I would be his fuck-buddy!" - I looked at her VERY sternly and said in a very serious voice "WELL - I do hope you said Yes!"

She thought this was hysterical! Fast forward to yesterday and she tells me that he came around and stayed over the night at her place. She lives with two other women who know about her bloke A and she asked the owner if bloke B could stay the night because he had too much to drink and she said "Don't worry - nothing is going to happen"

Apparently one hour later one of the girls next door was hanging on to her mirror because our little hotwife was getting fucked so hard against the wall that the mirror on the other side was about to come off!!!!! When I asked her if he had a big cock she told me that bloke B is a rugby player with size 14 feet.

I have told her about my fetish and this site and asked her if I could blog about her - she said yes.

Shall I ask her for some pics?