Thursday, 3 May 2012

Surrounded by hotwives

It has been a while since my last update. Life always gets in the way. Wife, kids, family and friends - not to mention work, studying and hobbies. My wife has not changed. She indulges my fantasy by talking to me during sex about her taking someone else's big hard cock etc. The last thing I talked about was that a woman needs to feel great about herself before she can progress. My wife is battling to lose weight, but she is trying. She has stopped the pill which has helped her depression enormously. I am going to try and start exercise with her to help her lose weight. It is a pity because I LOVE fucking her at her current weight, she is so buxom, meaty and sexy - Voluptuous!

But while I am trying all these things I find myself surrounded by hot wives! How cruel is that? Three to be specific.

No 1 is a married mum of two who keeps sending me pictures of herself nude and she desperately wants to get laid by me. When I have to see her she wears tops with no bra and you can plainly see her nipples! She has big tits and lovely nipples. Luckily I do not have to see her too often, but three or four times a year I have no option as I have to go to her house. I try and make sure her husband is there when I do. And no - he is not a cuckold.

No 2 is the landlady of a flat that one of my female relations lives in. The landlady had a party with her current boyfriend there as well as her ex and another guy she fancies. Every time they could, they would grope and kiss her and feel her up and she was loving it. None of the blokes knew the other guys were doing the same. This girl is about 28, VERY sexy, with nice big boobies and a hot ass! I think she LOVES fucking.

No. 3 is my particular punishment. She has just started working with me. She is very slim, with a perfect body that I have seen in just a bikini on FB and she is HOT HOT HOT. She talks to me about sex ALL the time. She is going out with a guy. She has a fuck-buddy. Her ex is trying to hook up with her and she is trying to organise it. She tells me she has had orgies, girl on girl sex, and she says she is pretty much a nymphomaniac! I showed her a BIG banana the other day and made an innuendo about cock size. She told me it was small. She said everyone of her lovers has had a MUCH bigger cock. WTF!!!

So there you have it - while I am struggling to have a hot wife, it seems that every other women has embraced it and is living the dream - their partners just don't know how lucky they are. They are getting cream pie every night and don't even know it!


  1. Ah, your wife is very far from the only one not to embrace this lifestyle.

    I'm guessing that she doesn't know about this blog?