Friday, 2 December 2011

About last night...

We had an awesome session last night and I must say that now we have gotten to the point where we always talk about cuckolding during sex.

My wife has stopped the pill (contraceptive) for a while now and her moods have improved tremendously. I think this has helped her a lot. The other main problem she has is her weight. I personally do not like skinny women and her body is perfect to me, but she is not happy with her body. So it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to help her loose weight. On the plus side it should make finding a bull a lot easier.

She hates me smoking. So i have made her a deal; I promise to stop if she promises to lose 1 pound per week. She is a size 16 (UK) and she wants to be size ten. The worst part is her boobs will shrink - and I do love them at their current DD. But I love her however she looks and if it makes her happy then I am happy too...


  1. Better shrunken boobs than a husband in the grave from smoking I always say. Good luck to your both for improving your health.:)