Thursday, 3 November 2011

A story from the web...

I am 31 now but just a few years ago I started dating a girl a couple years younger than I. She was 22 and surprisingly (she's really good looking) was a virgin when we met and it wasn't long before we started having sex. She had an extremely high sex drive and enjoyed trying something new all the time. It was a dream come true for a guy like me.

Now, here's where the story begins. My best friend never seemed to have very good luck with girls. My girlfriend set him up several times with friends of hers but he could never seem to get lucky.

One night at my place we had a few beers and after a while I took my gf into my room to bang her. After we finished we talked and I dared her to walk out into the living room completely naked in front of my friend and get my beer off the table. The dare excited her and she readily jumped up opened the door to the room and walked out. I peeked around the corner and my friend's reaction was priceless. He didn't know what to do. My gf walked up to him and she bent over right in front of him and got my beer, said hello and walked back to the hallway. My friend commented by saying nice ass.

My gf and I found that very exciting.

Not long after that my friend was driving us someplace and I decided to tit fuck my gf in the backseat of his car. He got a very good look at her tits the whole time he was driving. There where a few other instances like this. The next time he came over, the three of us watched a porno together and as the movie progressed my gf got horny. She started rubbing my crotch and I started playing with her tits as my friend watched. She couldn't take it anymore and mounted me in the chair and fucked me right in front of him. He seemed to enjoy the show and my gf got off knowing someone was watching her.

I started talking dirty to her while having sex during the next couple of months. I would ask her if she wanted two cocks at the same time and she would suck on my finger as I fucked her and she would get extremely wet. We relived this fantasy many times and continued the flashing and stripping in front of my friend.

One night my friend was house sitting. My gf and I went over and had a few drinks and went in the hot tub with my friend. After we got out we all lay on the bed and watched a porn video. I was stroking her pussy and I wispered in her ear, "do you want to fuck him" and she nodded yes. I then took her panties off and my friend had a full view of her shaved pussy. She opened her legs and I fingered her until she started to moan. I looked at my friend and asked him if he wanted to fuck her. He nervously looked at me and said hell yeah. She was on birth control but I wanted him to use a condom because I didn't want to get his cum on me. He said he had to go get one in his car and would be right back up. While he was gone I ate her out and slowely fucked her. I was extremely excited and rock hard. After a few minutes my friend was back and ready to jump in. He didn't know I was fucking her when he was out of the room and as she was blowing me on all fours, he started to eat her pussy. After a while he slipped his condom on and she arched her back as he grabbed her hips and put his dick in her.

My stomach felt like it was in my throat, my head was cloudy, I was jealous yet rock hard and extrememly excited to watch. He seemed to be having some trouble keeping it up, I think he was a bit nervous. My gf said her arms and legs were getting tired and she wanted to lay on her back. I moved over and layed there as my friend mounted her missionary and started to pump away. He still seemed to be having problems with keeping it up and the condom was starting to irritate my gf since she wasn't used to using one. She reached down and grabbed my friends dick and pulled off his condom and then told him to fuck her. I got even more jealous as my naked girl lay there asking another guy to fuck her and I could tell she wanted his cock bad.

My friend happily agreed. Before I could say anything he stuck his bare dick into her and started to pump. I was too excited to care at this point. It must have felt better to him because I could see his dick was bigger and more excited now. He pumped her slow and steady while she moaned softly and rubbed his nipples. It wasn't long before he came in her pussy. I would have thought that he would have been finished at this point, but he still kept on fucking her. The whole time I could hear the wet noises coming from her pussy. This is where it got to be a bit too much for me but I was still overtaken by my excitement. She started to cum in a big way. She was quivering and her body was shaking like a leaf as he slowly pumped her pussy in and out almost teasing her. Then she looked at me with big wide eyes open almost in surprise and saying sorry as the orgasm overtook her and she lost control and screamed out loud.

I felt like a hot poker went into my gut. I was furious but also rock hard like never before. She totally abandon herself to him and even called out his name. The funny thing was that my friend is no alpha male or bull. He was nervous the whole time. The reason she was cumming so hard was all the built up tension talking about 2 dicks for so long was being released and she had too many orgasms to count. After her calling his name and telling him to keep sliding his cock into her my friend finally came again and by then I was so horny I couldn't wait.

I mounted her while she was still on her back. I looked down and saw a stream of cum leaking out of her pussy and pushed my cock up to her opening and it slid right in. The feeling I felt was nothing I have ever experienced. It was extremely wet and warm and felt incredible. I pumped her fast and hard and she must have orgasmed two more times yelling out for more cock before I finally unloaded a bunch on cum into her.

As we lay there I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. I felt a bit guilty, or maybe ashamed, yet extremely satisfied and horny.

Over the next week I would fuck her and as we had sex we would talk about the experience and what we would do next time. She was very excited every time we talked about it. We had more encounters, but I will save that for later.


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