Monday, 7 November 2011

The Plan... ...from the web

The question keeps popping up all over the Internet in all the cuckold forums, "How do I get my wife interested in cuckolding?"

Well, that's a lie…

Most guys ask questions like, "I want my wife to be gang banged by 20 black guys with horse dicks bigger than her head, how do I talk her into it?"

First off, you don't talk your wife into doing anything. You discuss sexual fantasies you are interested in and let her make her own decision. Second, you have been reading too many porn stories. Normal woman who are in committed relationships do not jump up and down at the idea of being in the middle of an interracial orgy where they are treated like a slut.

I'm not saying you can't enjoy some aspects of the cuckold lifestyle but I am saying you shouldn't expect your life to be anything at all like the stories you jerk off to. Start small, go slow, work your collective way into parts of the lifestyle. Reassure her every step of the way that you are comfortable with what is going on and want more. That you still respect her, love her and enjoy living this way.

Remember guys, baby steps.

Start off with the basics and get a feel for what is on her mind sexually. Women, like men, tend to be more open about sex and sexual possibilities when they are sexually aroused. Watch some porn with her that has 3somes in it and when you are hot and heavy with each other talk about how you would love to see her do that with you and another guy. Tell her how hot it would be to get a blowjob while another guy services her from behind.

Don't make it a black guy, and if she says that it would be fun don't pressure her for details on who she would like to do it with, where, when and if it's ok that you find someone on yahoo. Enjoy it, make it sexy and most importantly make it about her having fun and you having fun because she is.

The next step would be to take it into your every day sex life. When you have sex without the porn tapes bring it up – do some role-playing and ask her to fantasize about you being a high school sweetheart she hasn't seen in years. If she feels weird about it – bet her that she cant do it and make it more of a fun game.

Again, keep it life, keep it fun, and don't rush off to the next step. Feel free to spend a few months at this level. Spend a few months at EVERY level. If she isn't having fun, if she isn't comfortable, if she feels she is losing control of the fantasy life – you will find yourself jerking off, alone, to porn stories again.

Next bring it up in non-sexual situations. Make a comment about a guy who just passed you in the mall. Tell her that he looked at her ass and she could have him if she were single and wanted to. Then comment that if she really wanted to you would let her do it anyway because that bed-fantasy stuff sounds better and better every day.

Don't dwell on it and bring it up ever day. Let her know that it's acceptable to talk about this even when you are both dressed. You'll be surprised how soon she is talking about guys the same way you are.

Then you can bring up the swinging aspect of what you want, because at this point you aren't even close to being a cuckold. Letting your wife and a guy have sex with each other isn't cuckolding as much as it's swinging.

One night when things are going well, ask her if she would like to take the next step and make it real. Tell her you want to try it, and would love it if she would try it with you at least just once.

Make a promise that no matter what happens neither of you will ever be allowed to bring it up in an argument. Make a promise that if at any time she wants to back out of it she can and you won't say a word, be upset or angry or even disappointed. She's in control and don't just pretend to be ok with all of this, make sure you are really ok with it.

Re-read the above paragraph. It is extremely important.

From there you can work in several directions. You can meet a guy from the Internet just for drinks. You could visit a swing club in your area just to look around. You could get her involved in looking for a guy online on one of the many singles or cheaters sites. This part you have to judge for yourself what she is ok with.

Again, don't make this all at once about her being blackballed, in an orgy, with you eating creampies and wearing a dress. Take it slow. The first couple guys could be white, but you are getting closer and so is she. She may only want to suck off the first black guy. No problem. She may never be ok with you being bi, if that is one of your interests, and that is something you have to live with.

She may never assume a dominant role in your sexual relationship.

But the more you go slow, take baby steps and avoid freaking her out with the fantasies you have build up in your head over the years the more likely she will be ok with trying things out, with going to the next level with exploring WITH you – and not FOR you.