Thursday, 10 November 2011

About last night...

It is always the same... whenever I think that nothing terribly exciting is going to happen - it does. Last night it all started off innocently enough, I began kissing her, then kissing her neck (which she LOVES), touching her, basically getting her in the mood. I asked her if she would like to use her vibrator and she always says yes. She only ever uses it for clitoral stimulation. So there I was fucking her and she was using the vibrator, which feels awesome against my cock while I am fucking her. I pulled out and started to suck her tits while she got down with mr buzzy.

There is this "thing" I have been doing for years.... I have always wanted her to experience the joys of anal play. So whenever I went down on her, I used to play with her anus - very gently probing with my finger. Over time I managed to get my finger deeper and deeper, but it sometimes freaked her out. I haven't done it for a while but last night whilst sucking her tits, I tickled her bottom and she pushed against my hand.

I got the feeling she wanted my finger up her anus while she used the vibrator on her pussy - I was right - I ended up finger fucking her butt and she came buckets. She demanded I fuck her and I did my best. We recently watched Thor and as I was fucking her she started telling me how much she wanted Thor's cock inside her butt right now! She told me how she wanted he big hard cock so desperately! When I say she came buckets - I mean literally - the bed was a mess when we had finished. We had to sleep on towels the whole night - the bed was that wet! It was fucking awesome!

Each relationship is unique, that is why it is impossible to provide a guide that will work for anyone. Take us for instance: she is an emotional/hormonal mess and we have been battling for years with this problem. Recently we decided that she should stop the birth control pill as we think this may be the cause of the hormonal issues. The hormonal issue were so bad that she had to go on anti-depressants and when she described how it changes her - I was shocked. Anyway, hopefully stopping all the drugs should help immensely, as i have already seen a chnge for the beter in her. And her sex drive has increased. MMMmmmm.

So for each relationship it is necessary to take all factors into consideration when formulating your plan.

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