Monday, 31 October 2011

My sex life... not good. It has been a number of things. I have been studying a lot and having failed my first attempt by one single mark, I re-doubled my efforts. I have also recently had a car drive into me whilst on the bike, so I have been tenderised! Between my full schedule and hers and kids our sex life has taken a back seat.

We are usually exhausted by the end of the day and can't wait to climb into bed and sleep. We also seem to have had all of our weekends fully booked. It has been mad.

One notable thing happened... I was lying in bed and my wife came in and undressed completely and jumped into bed. She never get into bed naked. She is shy of her body and rarely gets undressed in front of me. This night however, she was like a tiger in bed. She literally pounced on me and demanded a good fucking with no foreplay! I, of course obliged. Whilst hammering into her she could not stop talking about cuckolding me. This made me so hard beautifully.

Sadly, we have not made love since. It was just before her period and Slider from my favourite blog talks a lot about how sexual his wife becomes just before her period. I must make notes of her periods and use it to my advantage.... This may become a great tool in the plan.

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