Monday, 19 September 2011

Weekend Fun

I spoke to my female cousin about getting my wife to go out and we started to hatch a plan. So on Friday, I told my wife that my cousin and I had planned for her to go out for the night - she went mad! She said that she didn't want to go out and hated surprises - she refused to speak to my cousin or me, she was fuming.  I don't understand women.

Things were going badly until my cousin texted my wife and explained that we were just trying to do something nice for her. She realised that we were being nice and agreed to go out and even apologised to me. So the next day I dropped off my wife and said that I hoped she  got laid - she laughed and I went home to wait....

My cousin is really cool and we can speak about anything. I have never told her I am a cuckold, but I told her that I felt my wife needed a one night stand and I was cool with it. My cousin is a very pretty and outgoing girl who speaks to anyone. At about 1am Sunday morning she uploaded pics on to FB of my wife groping a guys arse and hugging some other random guy.

Last night my wife said she was too tired to do anything, but did tell me that she was chatted up a lot and one guy groped her tits. I wanked and I came bucket loads thinking about this... I have already started planning her next outing... :)  She also told me that tonight she would tell me everything while I fucked her....

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