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Hotwife Erin & Jim - A story from the net

This is a story of a hotwife's journey with some great ideas for beginners.

I am a Caucasian woman in my early 50s, so I suppose that makes me a 'mature hotwife'. My husband Jim and I enjoy a happy but fairly conventional marriage. We have been married for over 25 years and have raised two beautiful children together. We enjoy open communication, we are faithful to each other and, somewhat surprisingly I suppose, we go to church regularly.

For the longest time, it seemed my husband I had sex together just about weekly, sometimes more, particularly after he had traveled out of town on business and we both built up a bit of pressure. Our sex life was pretty ordinary, but neither of us really complained about it. About two years ago however, soon after our youngest daughter left for college, Jim suddenly decided our sex life needed a bit of spicing up. The first thing he did was buy our first sex toy: a dildo that looked like a fair-sized penis.

This is where it gets interesting, and where my hotwife journey starts. As we started experimenting with the dildo, we also started talking about it. The second penis, I mean. Jim started using it on me. He would make me close my eyes and think about making love with certain men we both knew. While I was a bit shocked at first, I tried to play along, mostly to please him.

At first it was difficult for me to fantasize about someone else while making love with my husband. However, with much insistence on his part, I eventually allowed my imagination to wander. These experiments eventually led to very erotically charged lovemaking sessions, which typically involved my reaching a sexy orgasm on the dildo before pleasuring my loving husband and being 'reclaimed' by him.

I must say, however, this was new and rather scary in more ways than one. What most troubled me was bumping into said men at social gatherings. After some time, however, I playfully started replaying our sexual experiences in my head when I met them. This made the hotwife fantasies get a lot more real and I told my husband so. After several years of routine lovemaking, I was really starting enjoy this sexual revival.

As our hotwife stories and fantasies began to grow on us, we decided to act out a little more. For a few months, we periodically visited hotel restaurants and lounges and Jim would encourage me to go in first and order a drink at the bar while I 'waited' for him and he watched from outside. I rather hesitant at first, but gave it a go. I was surprised to find out some men would actually approach me and flirt with me. This instantly made me feel beautiful and desirable in ways that I had not felt in a long time. Now this was becoming really interesting! Thus, we started making these 'hotwife outings' a more regular part of our sex play.

After just a few such outings, we figured it would be best if we both removed our wedding bands and I would refer to Jim as my 'friend' if needed. This felt deliciously naughty and I really enjoyed flirting lightly with various gentlemen, yet hushing back to the safety of my marriage when I'd had enough. Funnily enough I also started collecting phone numbers and e-mail addresses, although I never contacted any of those gentlemen.

As a general precaution, and for the thrill of it (and the food) we opted to visit different hotel restaurants every time to avoid being spotted. After a couple of months we had pretty much covered the hotel scene in our city, but kept on changing venues every time. We eventually came to prefer certain restaurants which had larger bars and afforded Jim a good view.

As Jim and I eased ourselves into these hotwife scenarios, I started feeling comfortable enough to take it up a notch. After maybe four or five such outings, I became more bold since it seemed exciting and safe.

Jim and I discussed my going out without any underwear on, bra or panties and I agreed to try it. Now I have small but perky breasts which I am very proud of. When flirting, I started letting the guys get more physical with me and touching me. I would brush my breasts against their arms as we chatted, or squeeze myself against them so my breasts would be against them. I found it very exciting to behave this way in public, with strangers.

As I got bolder in approaching men at hotel lounges, wearing no bra nor underwear, I also got better at chatting them up, then leaving them to join my husband for dinner. However it happened a few times that the gentlemen I flirted with were alone and we invited them to have dinner with us. We tried letting it out that Jim and I we were married. While the gentlemen were generally pretty graceful about it, this led to more than a few awkward moments.

While I wasn't yet ready to actually date, meet or else have hotwife sex with one of these gentlemen, these outings were very exciting to the both of us. I felt very desirable, and Jim seemed to grow more passionate in his lovemaking. He also made good use of the dildo, again by giving me sensual, sexy orgasms with it while putting naughty hotwife thoughts inside my head, now usually about sex with one of the gentlemen I had flirted with.

After maybe a year of discussion, role-playing hotwife sex with the dildo and playfully flirting at hotel lounges, I started feeling more confident. I found myself curious to open up to and experience things at a new level. Jim had encouraged me openly all along while allowing us to take things one at the time. By now he was extremely eager and excited when I told him so. But the question was: how?

He made it very clear that if I was going to share myself with another man, as my loving husband of 25 years he really wanted to be there when 'it' happened. Since we had shared almost everything else in our lives, this also seemed right to me. We figured we could either play all together in a threesome or he could just watch. We remained open to both possibilities, depending on a given gentleman's comfort level and preference.

But while at that point I would have felt comfortable following one of my gentlemen up to his room, it certainly felt awkward to bring up the idea of my husband accompanying us. Yet this is kind of what we wanted. So we were in a bind.

We figured the best way to go was to keep flirting, collect email addresses a bit more diligently and take notes (which hotel, general appearance of the gentleman, general impression, etc.). I would then follow-up on the emails, explain that my 'partner' and I had a special arrangement (the word 'husband' seemed too strong), and see if anyone was adventurous enough to play along to our joint hotwife fantasy while he was present.

Sure enough, the first gentleman I really liked stopped replying to me after I wrote him about our hotwife fantasy. A few others declined politely. At least two sent us nasty replies, more or less calling our idea 'disgusting'. This was getting hard and it was quickly sucking the fun out of flirting. After about three or four months of hotel outings, we pretty much gave up on the idea altogether: we needed a break.

Well, as fate would have it, just a couple of weeks after we jointly decided to let go, things happened. I received an email from one of the men who failed to reply, a gentleman named James. He explained he would love to take me out to dinner and wouldn't mind if my partner joined in for dessert. He left it at that. We understood this (correctly, it turned out) to be a very good sign.

James was an academic in his early 50s as well. Tall, slim and well-groomed, he was regularly visiting town on school business and staying at the hotel where I had met him. My notes read that he was interesting, charming and authentic.

Long story short: we booked the date, I met him and we had a great time together. I felt very attracted to him and was truly hoping the evening would end nicely for all of us.

When my husband came along, James was friendly and warm and kindly complimented me in front of him. Surprisingly, this made me feel pretty self-conscious and nervous.

While I really did get excited thinking about all the possibilities for pleasure I could have with another lover, now it was real! I might actually be able to touch it, feel it. I was scared. I felt a small fear twinge in me. Maybe I really didn't want this after all.

When James excused himself to the men's room, Jim and I had an opportunity to talk privately. All he said was: 'Don't worry. I love you.'

That helped me decide. "No, I'm not worried... it's okay. I just feel a little scared. It might be horrible, or it might turn into a real jealousy thing... or it might be really, really hot and wonderful. I just want to know how you are on this. Is it okay to do this?"

He sighed and said, "I don't know. We've never really done this before. But, I love you, and I want you to enjoy sex, so long as we are exploring together. You are mine, and I intend for you to stay MINE. Just so long as he knows this, and accepts it, and you know who your man is and where your home is. It actually does turn me on to think ofwatching you with another man."

"Okay!" I replied, as I smiled up at him and kissed him lovingly. "Then let's let him bring us up to his room!" He laughed.

And when James came back, he did exactly that. James was the first man I'd flirted with at hotel lounges who had replied positively to an e-mail suggesting we get together for some hotwife fun. After I'd had dinner with him and my husband Jim had joined us for dessert, James invited us over to his hotel room upstairs.

In the elevator, I held his arm and pressed myself against him while my husband stood next to us. James was beginning to respond to my soft warm femininity pressed so close to him. I flashed him a naughty smile. He responded by gently rubbing my ass through my skirt and kissed me. In front of my husband!

I took a moment to feel the conflicting emotions arising inside of me, the strongest of which was sheer lust. But I also felt a strong sense of empowerment as a hotwife. My husband had pushed me into this. I now felt like enjoying myself… mostly without him.

We entered James' room and found he had a booked a suite, e.g. one of the luxury rooms which offer both a bedroom and a small living room area, separated by a door.

I faced the two men and said, totally owning my hotwife experience now: 'Now Jim, since you wanted to be there when I shared myself for the first time, I am going to let you watch James undress me and make love to me. However this is MY experience too. I like this man and I want to give myself to him completely, without any distraction on your part. Maybe when we're done I will let you touch me. For now I want you to see your woman surrender to the full feelings of womanhood with another man.'.

Jim's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped, but nodded obediently. He proceeded to sit in the living room area.

James pulled me in the bedroom, leaving the door open. We stood, James' back to the doorway as I kissed him. He began touching me through my clothes. I pulled his shirt from the waistband of his pants, and ran my hands across his warm skin. He felt wonderfully exciting. New, and electrically-charged. I slipped off my shoes, and knelt to kiss his belly. I shot a quick glance at my husband, who was watching his wife turn into a hotwife with a mixed look of love, jealousy, and lust.

James pulled me back up to get a taste of my mouth. He untied my blouse and pushed it from my shoulders, down my arms. I slipped out of the sleeves, and lifted my right leg to wrap around his waist.

James responded by grabbing a handful of my ass, and by biting my neck. I moaned. I rubbed him through his jeans with my left hand, and stroked his back and neck with my right. He was nipping and kissing at my ears and raising my body temperature quickly. I felt shivers going down my aching breasts, my swollen and excited vulva, and my knees. I gasped.

I looked again at my husband, not actually wanting him to be hurt. He nodded encouragement at me again. I threw away any hesitations I had, and allowed myself to relax fully. I felt safe and playful because he was there. I finished removing James' shirt as he rubbed and pressed and pulled at my body. He tried to remove my bra but I stopped him: 'Not Yet,' I whispered, and knelt down before him.

I removed his shoes, socks and proceeded to take off his belt. Then I looked up at him and allowed him to take in the sight of a woman kneeling before him, partially naked, face looking up at him. Then I thought better of it and ran my hands up his legs, cupping his balls and rubbing him through his pants.

I moved closer and ran my lips along the long bulge that was straining at the fabric of his pants. I kissed the skin along his waistband and proceeded to open his fly .

As I released him, his beautiful male scent filled my nostrils, and his eager, mature cock probed from the opening in his cotton boxers.

I licked my lips hungrily, making sure that both men could see it, as I watched a bit of clear pre-cum leak from James' penis. I licked at it hard, with my full tongue, cleaning his cockhead of all traces of his juice. Then I took him into my mouth, gently sucking, and stroking him with my fingers. When I pulled my lips away I looked up and asked: "Do you like that, James?" "MmmHmm...".

I felt deliriously naughty, excited and free. This was MY evening and I was making the best out of this hotwife experience.

I felt deliriously naughty, excited and free. This was MY evening and I was making the best out of this hotwife experience.

I removed James' pants and boxers from him. I stood up, guided him to the bed and said: 'Good, then you'll love this'. I pushed him down on his back. I quickly removed my skirt but kept my lace stockings. Then I straddled him. I wanted to make sure he felt the moist sexual heat radiating from between my thighs and oozing from my vulva.

I rubbed my crotch up and down against his shaft, enjoying the look of tortured pleasure on his face. I rubbed myself against James, now coating the sensitive underside of his cock with the juices leaking from my hot vulva. The warm, slippery bath elicited a hungry moan from his throat, and his hands found my ass and ground me into him.

The pressure against my hot, protruding clit sent shivers through me as I came for the first time, a small but throbbing orgasm.

As I got over the first waves, I had a very, very dirty idea. At this point I felt like a new woman and a liberated hotwife. I felt free to ask for whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. So I I turned to my husband and asked him to come over. I said to him: 'Jim, I love you. Now please show me it's okay to have James inside me by putting a condom on him and guiding him inside me'.

'Show me it's okay and hold his cock upright so I can take him inside me', I pleaded.

Jim looked stunned and hesitant. James remained still. I gave him an inquiring look and he nodded that he was comfortable with this.

'Please, Jim', I said, 'I need to know it really is okay to fuck James, to have him fill your hotwife with his manhood. I need you to give him to me. Please."

My husband nodded, and obediently came over. He took out a condom, unrolled it on James' throbbing penis. He then put his hand where our two bodies would join. He caressed my ass, rubbed the wetness between my thighs, and took the liberty to kiss me before doing whas he was asked.

I lifted my rear-end to accommodate the gift my husband was about to give me. He grabbed James' warm stiff shaft. I broke off the kiss, and looked down at James, who looked very comfortable with the whole situation. I met the head of his penis with my parted pussy lips and promptly took him in.

I let out a loud 'hmmmm' of satisfaction. Right now this was the best sensation on the planet, the one I needed most.

Jim quickly pulled away and went back to the living room to watch through the doorway.

As my crotch reached the base of James' cock, he placed his hands on my hips, gently pulling and pushing them in rhythm with my undulations. I rubbed my clit with two fingers and cupped my breasts with my right hand. I asked James if he wanted me to play with my breasts, and of course he said yes.

I stopped rubbing my clit and fed my juice-coated fingers to him. He sucked and licked them clean, and told me I was delicious. I was pleased.

I then cupped my small, white breasts, and gently squeezed them for his viewing pleasure. Then I presented them for James' inspection. He smiled and reached up to grab them, placing his warm palms over my nipples, rubbing in a gentle circle.

I moaned and leaned forward to kiss him and fuck him, now with longer strokes. I brushed my breast against the hair on his chest as he again reached down to guide our union. He grabbed a double handful of my naked ass and began to impale me more deeply on his cock. I was on top, but he was fucking me. And he was giving me a long, hard fuck, unlike anything my husband had ever given me. I was in hotwife ecstasy.

When he relented, I gently rubbed my mound and clit onto the base of his cock, as his manhood stroked the sensitive parts of my pussy walls and the entrance to my womb. We went back and forth between hard and soft, strong and gentle, fast and slow, for an eternity.

When I got tired of being fucked, James slowed down and massaged my body. He then proceeded to taste my womanly juices until I felt ready for another round of his sexual prowess.

When I got tired of being fucked, my lover James slowed down and massaged my body. He then proceeded to taste my womanly juices until I felt ready for another round of his sexual prowess.

I lost track of how many times I came, but I know I allowed myself to release so much sexual energy that night that, on top of becoming a hotwife, I had a coarse voice the next day. James had pretty impressive stamina. I could not stop cumming! Despite the condom, I could feel James sending his hot fertile seed into me as I milked his cock with my spasming pussy.

When we were done making passionate love, our bodies finally parted and we laid side by side on the king size bed.

Now seemed like a good time to summon my husband. I glanced at Jim and motioned for him to come. He had been patiently and eagerly watching his wife become a hotwife for the better part of three hours.

He laid besides us, stroking my back and ass and telling me how beautiful I was and how unimaginably naughty I looked climaxing around a new man's cock. When he recovered a bit, James started caressing me softly as well.

My husband touched my like I was a precious but powerful goddess. Side note: Being a hotwife is does not have to feel bad or dirty. Being handled like a slutwife and a goddess at the same time is an exquisite feeling unlike any other. Once I started and became a hotwife, there was no turning back.

I lay there for what seemed like an endless night, enjoying my afterglow and the affectionate touch of four hands. Both my men were using their hands and mouths to caress and explore my spent body.

I recovered enough to raise my head and look up at my wonderful man. He looked at me tenderly and stroked my cheek. I told him I loved him. And, I thanked him for giving me this wonderful gift of love.

I wanted my husband back now. I asked him to remove all his clothes. I kissed James goodbye and slowly got up enough to crawl onto my husband, facing him. Jim put his arms around me, and I felt his erection growing against my lower belly. I said something like, 'Oh, it is your turn now. Do you want to fill your little hotwife with your own hot cum, knowing that you will be cumming in the same wonderful woman as this man here? Does it turn you on to know that I'm all lubed and slippery from another man's touch? Or... do you want to fuck your little slutwife to punish her?' I asked, finally.

'No. I don't want to punish you. I love you, and I am your loving, giving husband. I wanted you to be a loving hotwife. I love to see you happy and satisfied, and I only want to pleasure you and give you my own seed now.'

I climbed off of him, and Jim sat on the side of the bed. He turned me over so he could enter me from behind. I sat down on his lap, and he lifted my thighs so that my legs draped over his, leaving me wide open to being touched and fondled. He kissed my neck and rubbed my belly and breasts.

He used one hand to stroke my thighs gently, and teased me as my pleasure grew again. Very little motion was possible in this position. He asked James to come kneel in front of me.

James nodded and knelt in front of us. He said: "I can't believe I'm doing this", and immediately started sucking on my clit. He ran his tongue over me, even licking Jim's shaft as it rocked slowly in and out of me. Between the two of them I was coming in waves again in very little time.

Eventually, Jim lifted me off him, and laid me back on the bed to fuck me missionary-style. He had better movement this way, and began filling me with full strokes. He came quickly this way, throwing his head back and gasping as he continued to thrust into me. I pulled him down against me and we cuddled as James lay down beside us. We ended up sleeping at the hotel, in James' bed, with the two men on either side of me, until the morning.

We woke up to late the next morning. Jim and I found the shower, and James joined soon after. The guys fondled me and made a big show of washing me, soaping their hands with slippery lather and stroking my body into another orgasm, after which I sucked them both off together, enjoying the novelty of being able to fill my mouth with both of their sensitive cockheads at once, rubbing their warm cocks together inside my mouth.

Afterward, they toweled me dry, and we got dressed and went down to find breakfast. We did pleasant small talk. When the topic turned back to sex, we all realized we were too sore and tired to go at it again.

After breakfast, James walked us to our car, and said he'd like to stay in touch. 'I think we can do that', I said, glancing at my husband. "Thank you both for a wonderful night of love and passion.'

We went home to our own bed, and took a long afternoon nap. That evening, I made love to my husband to let him know I was still all his, - with no dildo.

Although we've had a number of hotwife experiences since, both with and without James (whom has become a close friend), I still have very fond memories of this first playdate. This is why I felt it should be recreated and immortalized on your web site. Thank you for giving me that opportunity, Lisa & Alex.


Hotwife Erin ( & Jim)


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