Monday, 22 August 2011

A story from the web...

The story really begins about six years ago when my 
husband introduced a little fantasy to me in our 
bedroom. His latest dream work was to watch me and 
another man! Well I have to say that I was more then a 
bit shocked, I am not a prude or anything and have 
always encouraged my husband to openly talk about his 
fantasies but this one was different. 

We were both about 40 at the time and married for almost 
15 years so I don't even remember what its like to be 
with anyone other then my husband. He continued his 
story and I actually felt a little bad for him because 
he sensed my negative reaction and was looking kind of 
excited and embarrassed at the same time. I quickly 
figured that if I told him I thought he was just a tad 
sick I would risk him never sharing anything again so 
instead I played along.

He really wasn't looking for much and all he wanted me 
to do was let him pretend to be a masseuse that would 
give me a massage and at some point make a pass at me. A 
massage sounded great so I figured why not. He had me 
lay on the bed in my panties and covered my back with a 
towel and proceeded to massage me for what had to be two 
hours. He would come close to touching me in a private 
area but never really on it, well this was driving me 
crazy! It must have been the longest session of foreplay 
we had ever had. He pretended to catch a glimpse of my 
body as I flipped over or as he moved the towel. Then 
without warning he started to massage my breasts and I 
playing the very turned on wife allowed him and said 
nothing. Well his fantasy ended by slipping his hand 
under my panties and I came in an instant after all the 
build up.

After the role-play we made love and it was great. He 
was so hard and the extended foreplay had me on 
overdrive. A few hours later we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he left early to play golf and I just 
hung out at home. I thought a lot about our little role-
play I found myself thinking of different scenarios to 
play out with him. 

We continued to play out our little role-plays from time 
to time over the next couple of years. I found myself 
not only enjoying it but also using it to my advantage. 
My husband has never been a very big take-charge guy in 
bed but when we role-played a fantasy he would be 
incredible so whenever I wanted some good and long 
lasting sex I would bring up a role-play idea. We tried 
many different scenarios and as we did the fantasy would 
go further. We went from just the touching massage to 
oral sex and eventually we were role-playing me having 
sex with another. In his fantasy sometimes he would 
imagine himself watching from in the room or a closet or 
sometimes pretend I was just cheating and he was not 

Then next stage of our little role-plays would happen 
after what at the time seemed like a pretty 
insignificant incident. We had a good friend named Mike 
that was staying with us for a couple of days while on a 
business trip. One morning as we were all scurrying to 
get ready for work he walked in to our bedroom to ask my 
husband a question thinking I was in the shower and to 
his surprise I was getting dressed and my husband was 
the one in the shower. I was sitting at the dresser 
fixing my hair wearing only a bra and panties at the 
time. He looked at me and his face turned various shades 
of red and then he said he was sorry and ran out. I 
didn't think anything of it since I wasn't naked and my 
bra and panties covered not much less then a bathing 
suit. Later that night I told my husband about it 
thinking that Mike was a bit embarrassed. My husband 
made light of it during dinner with him and I thought 
that was that. 

Well was I ever wrong, later that night my husband 
wanted to role-play our little fantasy but this time he 
wanted to pretend he was Mike. This was the first time 
we actually gave a name or face to this fantasy guy of 
ours. I was a little spooked because I knew this was all 
related to him seeing me but I went with it and had a 
great time. During the role-play he wanted me to tell 
him word for word what happened, since the incident had 
lasted a second he asked me to exaggerate a little. So 
the story became more involved with me having on only 
panties and Mike lingering talking to me while we 
exchanged glances. Well once again my husband rewarded 
me with on great night of sex. 

The next morning my husband made a comment that the 
whole idea of our Mike seeing me was so sexy he wouldn't 
mind it happening again. I was kind of floored by this 
and didn't know how to take it but the whole thing was 
making me feel pretty sexy.

I spent most of the day wondering what if anything I 
should do. Later that night a while after we had gone to 
bed I got a chance to do something and I surprised my 
self by doing it. My husband and I had been in bed for a 
while and I heard our Mike go into the bathroom between 
the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. Mustering all 
my courage, I decided to pretend not knowing he was 
already in the bathroom and go out in the hall. I was 
wearing a short chemise that was a bit sheer with 
panties underneath. I waited till I heard him start to 
open the door and then walked to the door. The timing 
was near perfect as we bumped into each other in the 
dark hallway. Naturally he was startled and in the 
commotion his hand brushed against my breast. I almost 
fell and he pulled me into his arms to keep me from 
collapsing from the collision. He was wearing shorts and 
his body felt warm against mine. He was very surprised 
and a bit embarrassed but did sneak a nice look. I tried 
covering up a bit with my hands and giggled as he said 
we have to stop meeting like this.

Well hubby was ready to explode when I got back to the 
bedroom and so was I. 

Mike left and we continued to have our role-plays but 
now they were more specific about people and how the 
seductions occurred. They also frequently had the theme 
that I was somehow caught partially nude to start. The 
partial nudity I had shared with our friend had turned 
me on quite a bit. I had never been a very sexy dresser 
or anything like that so I was surprised that I had 
enjoyed it. My husband had also liked it and I had a 
feeling he would want me to repeat it at some point.

A few months had past and we planned a short trip to 
Cancun, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing time 
but my husband kept talking about the topless beaches. 
I was not at all crazy about walking around topless but
I also knew he would wear me down on the issue.

The short four-day vacation started pretty normal as we 
spent the first day lounging at the pool and relaxing. 
In the afternoon I decided to play some volleyball so I 
went down to the beach while Ken went over to the bar. I 
stood and watched a few people playing and a younger 
very cute Hispanic man looked at me and asked if I 
wanted to play. He introduced himself as Carlos and 
positioned me on the team. Well we played a couple of 
games and when it was over Carlos walked back to the 
pool with me and I introduced him to Ken. Carlos left 
quickly and we finished our day with a nice dinner. 

The next morning at breakfast we ran into Carlos and 
ended up sitting by him at a large table. We chatted 
quite a bit with Ken as usual just looking on. It turned 
out he was in the Navy and on some much needed vacation. 
He was feeling a bit lost because his buddy was supposed 
to come along but had to cancel at the last minute so he 
came solo. We finished breakfast and went our separate 

Ken quickly started to ask about going over to the south 
side of the beach and going topless. I wasn't that 
comfortable with it but knowing that I would never see 
anyone there again I gave in. We walked over to the 
beach and set some towels down and I removed my top. At 
first I laid on my stomach trying to hide a bit but as 
time went on I rolled over and didn't feel that awkward. 
Ken sat up trying to catch guys looking as they walked 
by. Then as I was lying with my eyes closed soaking up 
the sun I felt a presence and a shadow I opened my eyes 
to see Carlos standing over us saying hello. I started 
to blush a bit and was a bit tongue-tied. He simply 
chatted a little about the weather and how great the 
water was. I didn't know whether to cover up or what. 

Carlos stayed for no more then a minute or two and then 
left us. As he left I was feeling a wide range of 
emotions. I felt a bit embarrassed and at the same time 
aroused at being exposed like that. Ken started telling 
me how hot it was for him to have a stranger standing 
there talking to me with my breasts exposed although he 
was a bit disappointed because Carlos appeared to be a 
true gentleman as he didn't stare. Well I don't have to 
tell you that later that afternoon we had a very hot 
role-play which included Carlos and our beach scene.

After our sex session Ken started talking about how 
great it would be to watch me hang with Carlos on the 
beach and maybe allow something to happen. I was taken 
back a bit but he quickly stated that he didn't want 
anything crazy just some flirting. I dismissed it and we 
continued our day. At night while having dinner Carlos 
saw us and came over to say hello. As we chatted for a 
few minutes my husband to my surprise mentioned that he 
was going to take a tour of some historical sites that 
would last a few hours. Carlos asked why I wasn't going 
and I said I preferred to get some sun or play some 
volleyball. After a few more minutes Carlos left and ken 
and I had a little argument. I was a bit pissed that he 
took it upon himself to arrange for me to be alone like 
that but in the end it sounded like it might be fun and 
harmless so Ken said he would spend a few hours watching 
from a far and then I could fill him in on conversations 
and anything he missed.

Well the next day I was feely very sexy about what it 
would be like. Ken pretended to leave and I walked to 
the beach. I went over to the topless section of the 
beach and laid my towel down and removed my top. I lay 
out for a while and then I heard Carlos say good morning 
Carol. I opened my eyes and said hi. He laid a towel 
down next to mine and laid down, we proceeded to chat 
away like we had known each other for a long time, he 
told me about places he had been to with the navy. 

After a while I noticed that Carlos was a little 
different then he had been around my husband, he would 
glance at my breasts, and while talking with his hands 
would casually tap my shoulder or arm. Then he mentioned 
that I was starting to turn red, he moved behind me as I 
was sitting up and said he would do my back. He put some 
nice lotion on my back and massaged in quite well but 
never went any further but did brush the sides of my 
breasts just a bit. He watched intently however as I did 
the rest of my body.

A while later he suggested a jump in the water and I 
went along. We swam around for a while and at one point 
splashed each other a bit, which cause him to kind of 
wrestle me a little and throw me under. When he did that 
he accidentally or on purpose brushed me a few times 
against my breasts and pretty much grabbed my ass. We 
went back to the towels and at that point I was pretty 
horny and wanted to go back to the room and wait for Ken 
so I mentioned that Ken should be coming back and I 
wasn't sure how he would feel about me being there 
topless alone with Carlos. He said he understood with a 
sly little smile and we headed back to my room. 

He walked me to the door and said goodbye but tried to 
kiss me, I was kind of surprised but was so aroused at 
that point that I returned it my opening my mouth for a 
few seconds then broke the kiss. I walked in the room 
and couldn't believe what I had just done. Ken came in a 
while later and we spent the next 5 hours in the room 
talking about what happened and having the hottest sex 
we had ever had.

The next day, which was our last, we saw Carlos and hung 
out with him for a while but I felt a little awkward 
about what I felt. Anyway we said our goodbye and traded 
email addresses. Now we have traded addresses with 
people before we have met on vacation and then when we 
got back to real life never had the time to stay in 
touch but Carlos would prove to be different.

We started exchanging emails with Carlos almost 
immediately after returning home. Ken was always busy 
with work and before long the dialogue was just between 
Carlos and me. We talked about everything in those 
messages. He told me about his mom's poor health, his 
sister's abusive husband, the places he had traveled 
around the world, and how homesick he was at times. In 
return each message I would give him words of 
encouragement and before long we were close, albeit 
long-distance friends.

After a few months had past one of his emails talked 
about the kiss and his desire that day. I wanted to tell 
him how aroused the kiss had made me. I even thought 
about sharing with Carlos the fantasy that Ken and I had 
been playing. Ken even said that I should tell Carlos 
how excited he had made me. But that would have been 
fantasy and this was reality. I wrote back and told him 
it was nothing more then kiss between two friends. I 
know Ken and Carlos were probably disappointed.

We continued exchanging emails for a few months. I let 
my guard down a little while Carlos was on a long sea 
duty. Our conversations began to be more sexual in 
nature. It was so easy to share things with him I guess 
because I felt safe knowing he was far away. One night 
while writing a message to Carlos, Ken came in and read 
the message then without my knowledge attached a picture 
of me wearing a bikini he had taken in Cancun. Carlos 
was very appreciative of the photograph. Truthfully I 
wasn't aggravated with Ken for sending it. During the 
months we discussed Carlos long periods without sex. He 
admitted masturbating while thinking about me and 
looking my picture. It was very arousing that he felt 
that way about me, but I disregarded it whenever I wrote 

His tour of sea came to an end. I didn't hear from him 
for about a week, and then a message came. The Navy was 
sending him to specialized training in Wichita and he 
had saved up his leave and could visit with us fir a few 
days. Without thinking I said of course.

I told Ken about my mixed feelings about the whole 
thing. Ken made it clear that he was past the fantasy 
stage and felt we were both ready to take the next step. 
He didn't have to explain what the ext step was. He felt 
Carlos was perfect due to his position in life, young 
single and in the Navy, if it didn't work out we could 
easily never see him again as opposed to our friend Mike 
for instance who would be a constant reminder of what we 
had done.

I was perfectly content with our fantasy role-play. Of 
course Carlos was the perfect person. He had defiantly 
charmed me during the past few months. But I just didn't 
think I would have the courage to do what was expected. 
Maybe some flirting or touching and nothing more, that 
would be okay. But what if it developed into more than 
just petting and kissing, what if Carlos wanted more? In 
the back of my mind was an even more troubling fear, 
what effect would this leave on our marriage.

I insisted it had to happen spontaneously with Carlos 
being the aggressor. I also felt strongly that Carlos 
could never know that Ken was in on the plan. This was 
important because it gave me an out. If things went 
sour, Ken could race in and rescue me from Carlos. Also, 
I could end the relationship by saying for the sake of 
my marriage I could never let myself be tempted again.

After a couple of days we finally agreed that Ken would 
give Carlos and I some space and if it happened great if 
not then so be it. I told Ken that even if nothing 
happened at the very least he would be able to watch me 
flirt with Carlos for a few days in our own home.

The day came and in the interest of giving us space and 
since hubby was working that day I drove to pick him up. 
It was a two-hour drive home so it gave us time to chat. 
When he greeted me I got a warm hug and a peck on the 
lips but in the car the conversation was pretty basic. 
Unlike emails now we were face to face and it was harder 
to discuss sexual things and that was fine with me.

We arrived at our house and by then my husband was home 
making dinner on the grill. We spent that evening pretty 
much just talking about places he had been to and stuff. 
For Ken's sake I tried when possible to stand or sit 
close to Carlos and flirt a little but he as usual was a 
gentleman with my husband present. I got the guest room 
ready for him and we all went to bed, before I did I 
made sure to walk around the house a little in my 
nightshirt, which Ken of course loved.

The plan for the next day was simple, Ken would pretend 
to go to work and I would take Carlos to see a few 
sites. This would give us a nice day out and maybe 
something would happen when we got home and Ken could 
watch from outside the house. Ken woke me up and told me 
he was leaving and I got up and started to make some 
coffee and stuff. As I was doing this Carlos who must 
have known Ken had left came out of the guest room and 
into the kitchen, I was a bit surprised that he was 
wearing nothing more then his boxers. I said good 
morning and acted like I didn't even notice.

I started to serve some coffee and breakfast and as I 
did I noticed how he looked at me. He started telling me 
about how much he desired me and how many times he had 
masturbated to my picture. I was a bit shocked at this 
but I guess I shouldn't have been, he had become very 
open in his emails and with my husband off to work (or 
so Carlos thought) he felt comfortable talking this way. 
I tried a few times to change the subject as I sat at 
the table with him but it was difficult.

Then came his request, he told me he understood that I 
was married and didn't want anything to come between my 
husband and I but he desired me so much and he knew that 
I also had enjoyed his attentions. He proposed something 
simple as he put it, I would expose myself either naked 
or at least topless since he had already seen me this 
way and he would masturbate with me in the room.

Well, I was shocked at how easy he'd said it but I 
quickly realized that it was a perfect way to do 
something with him while still not going all the way.

I agreed and we finished breakfast and went to my 
bedroom. Once there he slowly removed his boxers 
exposing hard cock that looked huge! I don't have a lot 
of exp with other men but I had never seen anything like 
it. I was about 8 or 9 inches and really thick. I know 
size doesn't matter but his cock was so arousing to just 
look at! He lay down on the bed and asked if I had a 
little hand cream. 

I got it from the bathroom and handed it to him. I then 
pulled my nightshirt off exposing my breasts and my 
white panties. I stood there as he started to stroke 
himself wondering if I should go totally nude. After 
about a minute I smiled and peeled off my panties and of 
course blushed a bit. I lay down on the bed so I could 
watch him. I lay there as he continued to touch himself 
and make it even harder. 

I was getting so hot watching and I wanted to touch it. 
I watched for a while longer as he started to moan a bit 
and got up the nerve to reach out and lightly touch it. 
As I did he removed his hand and I took over slowly 
stroking his penis. I did this for a while and as I did 
he slid his hand over and started playing with one of my 
nipples. I have very sensitive nipples and that was all 
I needed to lose all sense of reality. He played with 
both of them and I lost all perspective at that point, I 
reached my head down and took his head in my mouth. 

He let out a great moan as I did, I was like a kid with 
a lollipop, licking and sucking like I had never seen a 
cock before. It didn't take long for him to shoot a huge 
load of cum in my mouth, I usually don't care for sperm 
and either move my mouth off or spit it out a quick as I 
can but I savored his sperm like it was ice cream. I 
took every last drop in and licked his shaft clean. 
After he came he put me down and started to suck my 
breasts, kiss me deeply. He ran his tongue all over my 
body finally stopping at my clit. He played with it for 
what seemed like just a few seconds and then stopped. I 
moaned for him not to stop as I was so ready to orgasm 
but instead he came up and put his cock inside me.

Wow I remember thinking, I don't know if it was my state 
of arousal or its sheer size but did it feel good! He 
started fucking me and I came instantly, it was 
wonderful, my legs wrapped around his back taking him 
deep inside me. Then as my orgasm started to subside I 
started Cumming again, I had never had a multiple orgasm 
like that. I was bouncing both of us off the bed it was 
so good. He continued fucking me after my orgasm for 
about an hour, different positions and hot steamy 
touching and kissing. I had two more orgasms before he 
exploded inside me with a roaring orgasm. 

We laid in bed for a while after exhausted talking about 
what had happened, then it hit me that Ken was somewhere 
outside looking at us. How was he I thought, as fear 
kind of set in?

Kens View,

I hadn't seen much of what happened as they had 
breakfast but when I saw them head to the bedroom I was 
startled. I never imagined anything would happen right 
away since they were supposed to go out for the day. I 
went around the house and got in position to peek in the 
bedroom and when I did I saw that Carlos was lying in 
the bed with what looked like a flagpole sticking up in 
the air.

Carol was just standing there with a knee on the bed and 
all of the sudden took off her nightshirt. I couldn't 
believe it; she was so turned on by Carlos that they 
barely waited for me to leave. I was feeling just a bit 
Jealous to be honest but at that point my lust was still 
winning out.

I watched, as he appeared to be jerking off, she stood 
at the edge of the bed in nothing but her panties 
watching him. I few second had past and she slipped off 
her panties and joined him on the bed. I didn't have a 
great view of the whole bed but I could see him still 
jerking himself off. Then I saw her hand come over to 
his cock and start to play with it, I even thought I 
heard a moan from him as she did. She played with it for 
a few minutes and then abruptly I saw her face come 
towards his cock and take him in her mouth.

I was so hard at that point I thought I would cum 
without even touching myself. She sucked him like a girl 
in a porn movie, very different then she would do it to 
me I thought. Then his body started to spasm and I saw 
her taking his cum in her mouth and swallowing. He came 
for what seemed like forever and after he was done she 
licked every drop off his shaft.

I was feeling a bit sick, she had never liked cum much, 
she rarely ever let me cum in her mouth and if she did, 
she would quickly dispose of it. After she was done she 
seemed to lie back down and Carlos got of on top, I 
didn't have a great view but I think they were kissing 
and stuff.

I sat there, as my jealousy had gotten a bit stronger. I 
saw his head work its way down to her navel and get lost 
between her legs. He was down there for a while and then 
he came up and I realized that he was about to insert 
his flagpole inside her. I saw as he did and started to 
fuck her, she instantly started to make sounds that I 
could hear by the window. I could tell by her movements 
and sounds that she was having an orgasm, I don't know 
how but the orgasm continued for a really long time as 
if she had more then one. Her body was convulsing and 
her moans were loud. Carlos seemed in control just 
fucking her enjoying every minute.

After her long orgasm I jerked off and came with a very 
intense orgasm. After I felt very awkward, cumming had 
cooled down my lust and now I just felt jealous. I 
looked in and saw she had gotten on top of him, I got a 
perfect view of his cock as it disappeared inside her, I 
watched her ride him for a while but I just couldn't 
watch her moan and groan over his cock anymore so I 
walked away from the window. I debated what to do at 
that point and decided that I had seen enough so I 
walked back to my car, which was around the corner and 
took a ride.

I looked around the house but couldn't see Ken. Carlos 
said he was going to shower so I put on a robe and 
looked for Ken, when I couldn't find him I called his 
Cell and he answered. He said he was okay but was kind 
of glad I was finished. He quickly told me he was coming 
home. I told Carlos who was in the shower that Ken had 
called and was on his way home from the office. 

The rest of the day was spent together and it wasn't 
till that night that I actually got to be alone with 
Ken. We talked about what happened and I could tell that 
it wasn't quite what he expected but I also realized 
that he did enjoy parts of it. We talked and he got 
turned on and we had some great tender sex that night. 

I am not sure we will repeat our little adventure as 
Carlos left the next day but I am very glad we tried it. 
Ken has gotten over his jealous feelings with Carlos 
thousands of miles away and I will never forget a very 
incredible morning of sex.


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