Monday, 8 August 2011

The plan revisited

I have been thinking about the plan and how far I am. I have done the planning and introduced my wife to the idea. I suppose that we are at the vanilla exercises stage where we talk about it during sex and sometimes when we are not.

So far I think that what worked best for me was introducing a date night and sticking to it. This ensured that we regularly made love and had opportunities to discuss my fantasies. Unfortunately, through various circumstances we have not been able to keep it up, but she keeps on saying we must - which is a good sign. I have also heard of a very good idea of doing a seven day pledge where you agree to have sex everyday for seven days straight. Increasing the amount of sex definitely makes my wife more and more horny and this is a very important step to making her want to cuckold me.

The other thing I have found to work amazingly is to make her feel desirable. I keep on telling her how wonderful her body was during sex, telling her how much I loved her body and that many men would give anything to make love to her. This was true but it made an enormous difference to how she felt about herself. I think one of the biggest stumbling blocks is a woman's perception of herself.

I stopped talking about the fantasy and found that she kept bringing it up. Tonight we made love and it came up again. She said that she wants to find a guy of about 25 with lots of stamina. She made such a wet patch on the bed! I think that told a story of its own. I asked her if she would like me to be there of if she would prefer to be alone with him the first time - she said she would like to go to his place alone with him. I must say, that I came buckets!

Another thing that I keep reinforcing is how completely under her spell I would be if I became a true cuckold, how it would enhance the relationship and make me completely bond with her on a higher plane. I always talk about the advantages for her and how happy it would make me.

So that's where I am right now. I want to concentrate on vanilla exercises and start trying different things. I would like to try getting her massaged. I also was looking into getting a Tantric teacher to teach us Tantric massage. I was thinking about going to a naturist club to help my wife get over her inhibitions. I have a few other ideas but I think that now I have reached a certain ceiling which I need to overcome by getting my wife to actually meet and engage in conversation with other men.

Watch this space...


  1. I genuinely believe that the next step is for her to entertain the idea of a friendly, no expectation of anything, "date" out with a male acquaintance for coffee, lunch or even drinks. Once my wife had made that small leap, it was quick!

  2. Well saying that she wants a 25 year old with stamina is a bit of a hint lol. I think your going to be cuckolded VERY soon... and when you do your (sex) life will not be the same again(or possibly just not be lol)

  3. OMG - when I hear things like this I get so excited. She was recently complaining about me over-riding her decisions and I told her that if she wants a female led relationship - she knows what to do - she grinned at that!

  4. Sounds great. Do keep telling her how much you like it when she brings up the idea... Naturist club would be a big step - a massage seems a better move. Less of a commitment - more private if done in your own place?

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