Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I found this on Facebook....

Cuckolding is not for everyone.

But for those couples lucky enough to have a strong marriage, a desire for hot sexual play, and a husband who has that special gene that turns him on when his loved one is taken by another, this can be the ultimate erotic adventure.

I am seeking such a couple to develop a cuck relationship. This happens one excruciatingly erotic step at a time, as the powerful sexual energy of cuckolding draws on the well of the mind to explode into the physical play. What all this means to the cuckold is as powerful as what is actually done by his wife.

This would involve me dating the wife, who has her pleasure at her discretion, and controls how much she tells her husband, allows him to participate, and requires him to support her. Rules can be developed, usually ones that make the cuck very aroused, and the lovers smile.
I am not seeking an invitation just to have me come over and have sex with the wife in front of the husband (although this may indeed happen in cuckolding). Often this is arranged by the husband, who is in charge, lining up a lay for the wife. That’s just swinging, which is fun, but not what I’m seeking. Cuckolding is an intense relationship adjustment between husband and wife in which she is in control and she has her pleasure with another at her whim, while controlling the husband’s pleasure with her.

As the lover, I enjoy the wife in a special way, and enjoy participating. I’m very creative and enjoy helping the wife sexually torture her husband with our relationship … torture in the good sense, of course, that he is hard, hyperventilating and in agony waiting for the chance to have some relief with her, on his own, or denied relief at all! Yes, that is also a precious "reward" to some cuckolds.

Experience is not necessary. Sincerity and willingness to explore safely and sanely is. As always, this must be 100 percent discreet. I very much prefer couples who are emotionally mature and have a good relationship and good personalities.

It is a given that if the husband is not a cuck, he will not be convinced to do so and this will almost never happen. The wife can be convinced to participate in time, given a stepwise development. But a cuck is almost born, not made. There are many men who secretly are deeply aroused at the thought of their wives truly enjoying another man to the exclusion of the husband’s intimate needs. As with many forms of D/s and other sexual adventures, this becomes a paradox: The prime determinant of cuckolding is the cuck, who ultimately has the least power and sometimes the greatest erotic experience.

If this is interesting to you, then contact me


I have sent him a friend request ;)


  1. did he accept your request?

  2. Yes he did - Now I don't know what to say to him :(

  3. well sending him a link to this blog would be a great start and also telling your wife he's added

  4. Ask him if he's done it before and how he'd suggest starting things off?

  5. I haven't messaged him yet - I want to put some thought into it - but I will definitely message him soon and post it on here...

  6. Jay, any update on this?

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