Thursday, 11 August 2011

Circle of cuckolds - part 3 - a story from the web

Bruce couldn't take his eyes of this scene of seduction taking place across the room. It was humiliating to him, but at the same time he felt himself reacting. When they broke the kiss and Linda stood up, he was confused. When she started walking toward him, he stood up, hoping his semi-erection wasn't visible.

"Hi, sweetie," she said. "Having fun?"

"Fun? Well, you seem to be," he said with a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

"Don't be a like that. We agreed to give this a try. I hope you don't mind if I..."

She removed the collar from her pocket and reached up to put it around his neck.

"Honey, do we have to.."

"Shhhh. Now turn around so I can lock it in place." He did as she requested and heard the little lock close. "Not too tight, I hope. Now, sweetie, you know what you're supposed to do when I put this on you, don't you?"

"Go out to the terrace and sit in the circle?" – he asked.

"Exactly. Hurry now. You can't be in the house when you're wearing that."

"But what are you..."

"I'm going to spend some time with James. Now go."

Bruce hung his head and headed to the patio without looking at anyone. It was the longest walk of his life. He was certain that everyone was looking at him and smiling. And he was right.

Outside there were three men already seated in chairs arranged facing inward in a circle with a diameter of about ten feet.. He took a seat with as many chairs separating him from the others as possible.

"Congratulation!" said a young man who looked to be in his very early 20s.

"Thanks. I guess," he responded.

"Your medallion is facing backward," the young man said.

"Huh?" said Bruce, looking down at his chest.

"The medallion. It has to face outward so the letter can be seen.:

"Oh," said Bruce. He flipped the round medallion around. The letters "BC" were engraved on it.

"What does that stand for," asked Bruce.

"Some people think it means "Being Cuckolded." But it really stands for "Black-Cuckolded."

Bruce was speechless.

"My name is Jimmy," he said.


"So who's your wife with?" – asked Jimmy.

"His name is James."

"Wow! Lucky you!"

Why he was lucky, Bruce had no idea.

"Why lucky?" he asked.

"Well, James is only one of the top three men in the group, that's why. My wife, Julia, and I were here five times before she finally got to be with James. This is your first time, right?"

"Yeah," said Bruce.

"Well, you'll definitely be back. Your wife is going to one happy camper. I hope she likes'em big, because James is hung like you wouldn't believe."

Jimmy held his two hands apart about 10 inches.

"Your wife is going to think she died and went to heaven. And she will. She may not be able to walk for a week, but she'll definitely be bringing you back. That's for sure."

"May I ask how old you are?" said Bruce.

"I'm 22 and Julia is 21."

"And you're already getting into this kind of thing at such a young age?"

"Well, we were just lucky, I guess. My wife's aunt is a member, if you can believe that. She's about your age. Anyway, for some reason she got the idea of inviting us to come to the club. I thought it was going to be some swinging thing."

"And you're okay with it?"

"Well, to tell the truth, at first I wasn't. But Julia was so happy it was worth it. And when I got the chance to see her with one of the men, I could see why. It was James, as a matter of fact. When he fucked her in our bed at home, it was like nothing I'd ever seen. I mean, I was shocked. And Julia went crazy like something I'd never seen. So I figure we're lucky. She's getting the best sex imaginable from an early age. Most people don't get to have this until they're, well, your age. You really can't go back."

"Well," said Bruce. He wondered if Linda and James had already gone upstairs to one of the room.

"So these guys sometimes, uh, come to your house"

"Sure. But only after you're a member officially. And you've committed to the club. And acknowledged the men of the club. And told your wife that you support her and recognize that only these men can give her what she needs and deserves. You have to humble yourself a lot to get to that point, and when you see her with one of them, you know what humility really is."

Bruce noticed that the other two men were listening in on the conversation. Both were about his age.

"Hi," he said. "Bruce."


"Emmit. Glad to meat you. My wife is with Leroy."

"Ouch," said Ralph. "First time?"

"Yeah. Kind of weird, but Lori was so excited."

"So what's the deal with Leroy?" asked Bruce.

"Leroy," volunteered Ralph, "is only nineteen years old. Younger than our children. My wife hasn't been with him yet, but she's working on it. Boundless energy, gets it up all night, and has these huge balls. Plus, he's good looking and smart. We're trying like crazy to get him to come to our house."

At that moment, another husband stepped out onto the patio and approached the circle.

"Hi, guys! You're on, Ralph." Ralph stood up, said good-bye and headed into the house.

"Hi," said Bruce. "I'm Bruce."

"Owen," said the newcomer.

"So why did Ralph leave"



"Your first time here?" – asked Owen.


"Who's your wife with?"

"James," responded Bruce.

"Hey, nice going!"

"Uh, thanks."

"I saw James and someone heading upstairs and wondered who she was. Very attractive!"

"They went upstairs?"

"Sure. Where else? That's where it happens."

Bruce was struggling to deal with everything going on around him. It was all so new and, at this point, confusing. He couldn't help but wonder what Linda and James were up to at that moment.

"You asked about sheets?"

"Oh, yeah. What's that about?"

"Well," said answered Owen, "all the bedrooms get used more than once in an evening. So someone has to change the sheets. That someone is one of us hubbies."

"You're kidding!" – exclaimed Bruce. This was getting more and more unbelievable.

"Nope. Needless to say, there would be hell to pay if one of the men went into a room and the bed wasn't made up with clean sheets, towels, fresh bottles of water, clean glasses. We just call it sheets for short 'cause that's the main thing. We take turns. That and bartending are our main responsibility."

"That's pretty...I don't know," responded Bruce.

"Hey, it's not so bad. You're sitting in a dark corner on the second floor just resting most of the time. And those walls aren't totally soundproof, so you hear some heavy moaning and crying. Sometimes it works out that you're on sheets when your own wife is being fucked by one of the men.

"Anyway, when a couple comes out of one of the rooms, you wait until they've headed downstairs. You keep your eyes down. Don't look them in the face. That's a violation of their privacy. If they speak to you, just answer 'yes, sir" or 'yes, ma'am." Even if it's your wife, which was kind of embarrassing at first, when you're not used to it, not yet totally committed."

"Huh!" grunted Bruce.

"Anway," continued Owen, "as soon as they're out of sight, you go to the pantry, get out a set of clean sheets and towels. Go to the room, change the sheets, put out the clean towels, remove the used water bottles and glasses. Get new ones from the pantry. If the candles have burned down or almost burned down, replace them. Then get back to your chair and wait for the next room and do the same thing all over again."

Bruce leaned back and pondered all he had heard. He couldn't help thinking about Linda and wondering how James must have reacted when he saw the sexy underthings his wife had bought for the occasion. It must be nice, he thought, to have guys delivering their wives to you for your pleasure. Not too long ago, after all, it had been Bruce and his friends who were enjoying each other's sexy wives. For the time being at least this wasn't in the cards.


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