Thursday, 11 August 2011

Circle of Cuckolds - Part 2 - A story from the web

"Oh yeah," he replied noncommittally.

"What about?"

"You know – about the Circle parties."



"Bruce! Stop playing games with me! What do you think?"

Bruce was completely taken aback at the tone of his wife's voice.

"I'm sorry, honey," he said weakly. "It was...uh...interesting. He seems okay with it."

"And how about you?"

"What do you mean?"

Linda only had to cock an eyebrow at him to make him realize that she didn't appreciate his evasions.

"Oh...I don't know. It's really different..."

"Yes, of course. How does Jim feel about Black men fucking his wife?"

"Linda! Do you have to talk like that?"

"Just answer the question."

"Well, he seems almost ... proud of her," he said finally.

"Do you think those men would even be interested in me, anyway?" she asked.

"Honey, are you kidding?"

Linda crossed her legs for Bruce's benefit.

"I mean, Marie says the Black men at those parties are not only super well-endowed, but also good looking. They can have their pick of women!"

"Darling, you're—"

"Anyway," she interrupted, "I think it might be interesting to go to one of the parties just to see what the people are like. We don't have to do anything. We might just end up having drinks and deciding it's not for us. You know?"


"Did Jim tell you about the circle?"

"Yeah, he did."

"I think it's a cute idea!"

"Well, of course. You wouldn't be out there."

"No," she admitted, "I wouldn't. The parties are focused on white married woman and Black men. It is very sweet, though, that Jim and Bill are so supportive of Marie and Sarah that they willingly take them to Circle parties. I mean, that's real devotion. And self-confidence."

"I guess you're right..."

"So what do you say? Shall we drop in and see what the fuss is about. We can always take in a movie if we're bored."

"Yeah, why not? A movie would be fun anyway."

"Are you sure you're up for one of these parties, Bruce? Because if you're not, I'll understand."

"No, no, I am. If Jim and Bill say it's okay, then it must be."

"God, you get me so hot when you show me how much you love me that way. I'm so lucky!"

These words lifted Bruce's mood and made him glad that he had agreed to go along. Anything to lift her spirits, he thought.

"But," added Linda, "I do want you to think about it. About me...the meaning of the Circle...yourself sitting in the circle on the patio. Will you do that?"

"Sure I will."

"Great! I want you to think about what it means very seriously while you. . . " Linda opened the blanket on her lap and let it hang down over her legs to the tiles on the ground. " . . . do what you did for me last night."

Bruce was stunned that Linda would ask for that two nights in a row. It didn't seem right. He hesitated.


"I'm sorry. I was just thinking."

"I just told you what I wanted you to think about. Now please do it. Now!"

Linda smiled triumphantly as her husband, eyes cast downward, lowered himself to the ground and crawled in front of her . . . again.

Bruce had very mixed feelings as he lowered his head under the blanket and crawled forward. Linda had always enjoyed sex and went along with the swinging parties for the last couple of years. But she had never very outspoken about sex, and certainly never took the initiative. Now, for the second time in two days, she was almost insisting that he please her orally. This both excited him and made him nervous at the same time. At the moment, with his face between her widely spread legs, he was mainly excited. He leaned forward and made contact with her surprisingly wet pussy with his lips.

"Ooooh, that's nice," moaned Linda.

Although her voice sounded muffled to Bruce, he got the message and began gently lapping at his wife's slit with his tongue.

Linda looked down at the blanket covering her legs and the round bulge of her husbands head below her belly. The feeling of being in control was almost as erotic as the sensations produced by Bruce's worshipping tongue. She put her hands on the blanket where his head was and pulled him tighter against herself.

"Oh, sweetie, that's so good. Don't stop."

Bruce had no intention of stopping, although having his face pushed so firmly against his wife's pussy made is harder for him to apply what he considered his outstanding oral techniques. Her voice caught his attention.

"Are you thinking about the Circle, hon?"

"Mmmnph," he said, nodding. Coherent speech was not an option with his tongue probing her pussy and his nose squashed against her pubic bone.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now think about a Black cock right where your tongue is!"

The words brought Bruce quickly back to the conversation that had led to what was going on at the moment. Even if he had wanted to, he couldn't avoid imagining a big Black cock entering his wife. Surprisingly he felt a twinge in his own little cock. Still, he wasn't sure he liked the idea. In the past, with their friends, he definitely had the better end of the deal since he got to enjoy his friends' very sexy wives. But none of the husbands posed a challenge or threat to his role with his own wife.

"Oohhhh," moaned Linda. "That's it, sweetie. Don't stop."

Bruce, sensing Linda's impending orgasm, wasn't about to stop. With the likelihood that she would soon have her first experience with an endowed Black Man hanging over him, it was important that he prove himself eager and able to satisfy her.

As Linda's orgasm began to overtake her, it was not her hubby that was in her mind, but the anticipation of someone much more powerful and virile. That thought, contrasted with the sight of Bruce on his knees under a blanket pleasing her with his tongue, gave her a since of power. And that, she had discovered, made her even hotter. She bucked hard up against his face and grabbed his head to pull him more forcefully against her, ignoring his muffled protest.

Finally, when she relaxed and began to catch her breath, she realized that her husbands face was still trapped between her thighs.

"Oh thank you, honey," she said, releasing him.

Bruce backed out from under the blanket, raised himself stiffly to his feet, and sat down in his chair. Just like the previous night, he seemed to avoid looking directly at Linda. He reached for a napkin and was about to dry his soaking and shiny face.

"Sweetie," she stopped him, "don't do that. I love the way you look right now. Okay?"

Linda was amazed that he went along with her, considering that her juices were now running down his neck.

"So," he finally said, "you still want to go to that party on Friday night?"

"You know what?" – she replied. "More than ever!"

* * * * * * * *

Friday night found Bruce and Linda driving to their first party of the Circle group. Linda was excited; Bruce had grave doubts.

"I'm not sure about this, honey," he said.

"Oh, don't be a spoilsport. You and the guys have had some of the sexiest women in the city to play with for years. Don't you think it's our turn?"

"I guess, but...I don't know."

"Don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure it will be fine."

"Anyway," continued Bruce, "just remember that we don't have to do anything at all. It could just be a chance to check it out without, you know, participating."

Like that's going to happen – thought Linda.

They arrived at the almost mansion-like house half an hour later. The landscaping was expensive, including large torches lighting the front yard.

"How do I look?" – asked Linda.

"Terrific," said Bruce sincerely. In fact, he thought Linda had really gone out of her way in getting together that evening. Her sexiest low-cut dress and highest heels, a visit to the hair salon, and some new perfume. Bruce began to feel a tingle just looking at her and remembering their last evening on the patio.

His reverie was interrupted when the door opened. Before them stood a beautiful woman in her mid-40s, brunette, tall, and dressed to kill.

"Hi!" – she said. "You must be Linda and Bruce. Please come in. I'm Rachel."

In the foyer the lighting was subdued, but enhanced by several candles. Soft music and conversation were audible from another room.

"Linda," said Rachel, "you are as lovely as Marie said. I think you will be a most welcome addition to our little group." Bruce noticed that his hostess was addressing his wife, but not him.

"And here," continued Rachel, "is your Circle necklace and a key to the lock."

Bruce shifted uncomfortably as Linda dropped the chain necklace into her purse and put the plastic coil bracelet holding the key around her wrist.

"Not that I think that necklace will spend much time in your purse, if you know what I mean," laughed Rachel. Rachel joined in the laughter. Bruce looked away, unsure how to react to this joking at his expense.

"Come with me. I'll show you the bar. Marie is already here and looking forward to seeing you."

"Great," said Linda as she and Bruce followed their hostess into a large, dark-paneled room. It was, in fact, a large library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a fireplace. Set up at one end was a bar. Bruce noticed that the bartender, a man in his mid-40s, was wearing the same necklace as the one Linda had been given. Rachel noticed Bruce's curious look.

"He's wearing the necklace because he's one of the hubbies. Guys sent to the circle take turns tending bar and doing a couple of other things during the party."

"I see," said Bruce.

Standing before the bartender was a twenty-ish Black man with an attractive blonde woman in her 30s.

"Here is your champagne, ma'am," said the bartender, placing a flute of bubbly before him. "And here is your scotch, sir." It struck Bruce that the bartender was unusually polite.

Bruce and Linda ordered white wine, which was poured and served with admirable efficiency.

"Here you are, ma'am," said the barman as he placed Linda's drink before her on a napkin. "And here's your, buddy."

Buddy? – thought Bruce, What's that about.

"He's very polite," said Bruce to Rachel as they walked toward an open door of the library/bar.

"Of course. Just part of the tradition of manners and courtesy we encourage at our get-togethers. Hubbies usually address Black guests as "Sir" and all ladies as "ma'am," especially when serving at the bar," explained Rachel. "The woman he just now served?"

"Yeah," said Bruce. "What about her?"

"That's his wife."

"Your kidding!" responded Bruce, unable to conceal his surprise.

"Definitely not. She was with one of our special guests. Think how he would have felt if the bartender had been familiar with his companion. Therefore both of them were due respect. See?"

"Hey," said Linda, "I like that!"

"Well then," said Rachel, taking her by the arm and leading her through the door, "you have come to the right place."

They walked through a sitting area that also featured subdued lighting. A couple sat whispering to each other on a sofa in the corner. From this area they entered a very large room that could be described as a party room or perhaps a huge family room. There were five discernible sitting areas, a small corner bar, a dance floor, multiple sofa, all interspersed with potted trees. Candles and soft music completed the effect.

One side of the room featured French doors leading outside to a patio and illuminated swimming pool. There were perhaps twenty people in the room, primarily gathered in small groups.

"Linda!" It was Marie.

"Marie, hi," said Linda as the two of them embraced.

"I'm so glad you made it. You, too, Bruce," she added with a smile.

"Where's Jim," asked Bruce, hoping to latch onto someone familiar.

"Well," responded Marie, "actually he's out on the patio in the Circle."

"You mean..." began Linda.

"Right! Hold on. I'll introduce you. Don't move."

As Marie moved away, Bruce put his arm possessively around Linda's shoulders. She shrugged him off as Marie returned with a handsome young Black man in his 20s.

"Wow," whispered Linda to Bruce.

"Linda," said Marie, "this is Mitchell. Mitchell – this is my best friend, Linda."

"Well, well," said the man approvingly as he gave Linda a slow and open once-over. "Any friend of Marie's..."

"And this," she said, "is Bruce."

Bruce shook hands with the man, who squeezed his hand just enough to let him know who was stronger but without causing him to wince in pain.

"Linda," continued Marie in her usual breathless and enthusiastic manner, come with me. I want to introduce you to some one."

As Linda began following Marie and her friend, Bruce started to go after them. Marie paused just long enough to discourage him.

"Bruce, be a dear and wait here – okay? I promise you'll see her again."

Linda looked a Marie but didn't protest Bruce's being given the "Stay!" command.

Marie led Linda over to a corner of the room where a small group of people were standing and chatting. Rather than joining to group, she tapped a tall Black man on the shoulder to get his attention. When he turned around, Linda saw a very handsome man in his mid-30s with an athlete's physique. He allowed his gaze to take in Linda in a very leisurely way that made her blush.

"James," said Marie, "this is my friend Linda that I was telling you about. Linda, James." James took Linda's hand in his an squeezed it warmly.

"Well, well, Marie," he said, "you didn't do the lady justice."

"Nice to meet you, James," said Linda, who was suddenly feeling very warm all over and hoped her face wasn't red.

"Would you take Linda in hand for a while? I need to go free my hubby from the Circle for a few minutes."

"Of course," said James, winking at Linda. "She will be in good hands." A Marie walked away, the Black Adonis led Linda over to a love seat on the other side of the room and sat down with her. Linda felt the warmth of his legs against her and took a sip of champagne.

"So where's your hubby, Linda?" he asked.

"That's him sitting over by the door looking at us," laughed Linda.

"Good. He knows the rules for these parties, right?"

"Oh, he knows them all right," answered Linda with chuckle.

"Well, I think you are going to fit in very well here, Linda. And I think you'll be very happy you came."

"You think so?" –she said somewhat flirtatiously, getting into the mood of the conversation.

"Oh, yeah. Especially once we get your hubby on board. We may as well include him right now."

"What do you mean?"


James looked over at Bruce and used his index finger to summon him. Bruce looked around as if not sure he was the person being signaled. He pointed to himself with a questioning expression on his face.

James nodded. Bruce arose and started to approach, but James stopped him in his tracks by holding up his open palm. Bruce looked confused. James held up his champagne glass and made a circling motion with his hand to indicate that Bruce should refresh both their glasses.

Bruce frowned, but slowly turned and headed toward the bar.

"Amazing," said Linda.

"Why? If I'm going to take his wife to Heaven, the least he can do is get us a drink."

Linda laughed at the self-confidence with which this man already took for granted what she was just beginning to hope would be the case.

"Pretty sure of yourself, huh?" – she said.

"I hope I'm not wrong. You're going to be one happy lady before this night is over. I want to make sure you come back again."

"We'll see."

At that moment Bruce approached the couple with two glasses of champagne, which he handed to them.

"Thanks, honey," said Linda. James remained silent.

"I'm Bruce," volunteered the hubby/waiter.

"You should return to your chair now," said James in a very neutral tone of voice that nonetheless did not invite a response other than compliance. Bruce returned to his chair.

"Cold," said Linda.

"Well, I like to help everyone get off on the right foot from the start. Especially hubbies. And especially your hubby – for purely selfish reasons."

"You know how to flatter a girl," teased Linda as she sipped her champagne.

James put his right arm on the back of the loveseat behind Linda and rested his hand possessively on her shoulder. His touch made her jump slightly, but she did nothing to discourage her companion. Instead, she crossed her legs and turned toward him slightly.

"I think we're going to get along just fine," he said with a smile, caressing her shoulder gently. Linda sipped more champagne.

"I see Bruce can't take his eyes off us. Why don't we give him something to think about."

"What do you mean?" – asked Linda.

"This," he said. He moved his face slowly toward Linda's and she know he was going to kiss her. It seemed like an eternity before he made contact and all kinds of things were going through her mind – how would Bruce react, how would she react, was it going to happen, did she want it to? Yes to the last question, she decided.

Then his lips made contact with hers. Even though there were plenty of people in the room, somehow it didn't matter to her. His soft kiss only served to help her make her decision. When she felt his tongue probing her lips, she immediately opened for him and felt it enter her mouth and intertwine with her own tongue. She moaned quietly as she began to fully participate in the kiss, pressing her mouth closer against his, opening wider, and bathing his tongue with her own. There was no turning back. She began to feel her pussy moistening and knew she was going to give herself to this man.

Bruce, seeing this man kissing his wife so blatantly – and in front of everyone – was frozen in place. It was obvious that she was kissing him back. He didn't know whether to keep looking or go over there. One thing was certain – he didn't want to catch the eye of any of the other guests present. That would be very embarrassing. He was also pretty sure that this club – or whatever it was – was not for him. He didn't like the way this James person seemed to just take it for granted that he could take over his wife like that. He was annoyed at himself that he had run over to them and when the dark man signaled and, especially, that he fetched them drinks like some servant. But most of all, he couldn't believe that Linda was going along with this and seeming to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, when their kiss came to an end, Linda was almost breathless from the sensations going through her body. If he does everything as well as he kisses, she thought, then she was definitely in trouble.

"Very nice," said James, resting an arm over her shoulder with his hand just touching her cleavage.

"Jeez," she said, "you're dangerous."

"You haven't seen anything yet," he laughed, moving his fingers lightly over her breast. "But I hope you would like to."

"Would I ever!" she thought. Glancing over at Bruce, she saw that he was staring directly at her with a look of great displeasure on his face. She realized that not only did she not care, but she even took secret delight in his watching her with James. She wanted him now and hoped that he would make that happen – and soon. She put a hand on his lap.

"I think it's time to introduce you to what this club is all about, don't you?" – he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I think you should put that collar around your hubby's neck and send him out to sit in the circle.

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Maybe I can convince you," he said with a smile. As he leaned toward her, she turned her face to his, her lips slightly parted. When his lips touched hers, his tongue plunged deeply into her mouth, which caused to let out a quiet moan of pleasure. She reached up and put a hand behind his neck to pull him closer. Now she knew she was going to give herself to him completely. Her body was tingling with desire and she didn't care who knew it.

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