Tuesday, 16 August 2011

About last night...

It is usually the smallest things that makes my sexual adrenaline surge and last night was one of those times! We were making love and I said that I think she has outgrown me and she agreed. next I said I wished I had a bigger cock - again she agreed. When she was close she begged me to fuck her like a real man and give her the cock she deserved! It was a good session.

It was after the session that she really got me going. Usually, after we have finished and the sexual high is gone, we do not discuss it much - but last night, long after we had finished I said to her "imagine how exciting it would be to have a lover" and she said "It is so difficult to find a man in this country that I am attracted to" - That single sentence meant so much to me and blew my mind. It means so many different things....

One of the things I have done differently is during sex speaking to her about how exciting the initial contact would be. I explained how she would be sitting talking to the guy and knowing she would be fucking him later. I explained how excited she would be feeling and compared it to how she felt on our first date. She often talks how she misses the excitement we had in the beggining and I recreated that for her in the fantasy. I talked about her getting wet imagining what would happen later and made her imagine being in that position. This made her VERY horny and I think it is a great way to sell the idea to a reluctant wife :) I really think I am on the right track.

I also said to her in the car the other day that I saw a perfect lover for her while I was waiting for her in the car park and then discribed him to her.... she liked what she heard.


  1. What does she go for? She sounds HOT. I'd fuck her

  2. Keep getting her to imagine the feelings of excitement and arousal, and you are in good shape. Plus tell her you overhead 2 guys at bar / toilet / whatever talking about how sexy she is and how they would like to fuck her. This will also make her feel good and imagine it will happen!

  3. She is not hung up on looks, but needs men to be tanned and alpha (like a bear), she also likes personality and for a man to make her feel special.

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