Friday, 29 July 2011

Sweet little lies

My wife finds it impossible to lie to me. This sucks during sex when I want her to tell me sweet little lies to get my juices going. When she does attempt to tell me a lie for my pleasure it is so transparent, but.... the other night I was fucking her and she was really wet, my cock felt small inside her and i said to her "I wish I had a bigger cock" to which she replied enthusiastically "Me too!" It turned me on sooo badly. I am sure I have got her to think about taking a bigger cock for her own selfish pleasure. I have been deliberately not mentioning the cuckold fantasy to give her some space.

I have been speaking to a bull recently about my dilemma and he says he would love to help by coming around as a friend of mine and trying to get on her good side. I get so frustrated sometimes by the lack of progress when it comes to the fantasy and i am determined to get her to go out with my female cousin one night to a club. I have been toying of the idea of letting my cousin into my fantasy and see if she can help me by encouraging my wife on a night out....

She is never going to meet anyone if she does not go out more and I think that's what I need to concentrate on - socialising more.

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