Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oh Dear...

So, we were chatting about the cuckolding last night and she is not keen. I was asking her if she enjoyed sex and she says she does but has no inclination to sleep with other men. When we were having sex later she began to talk about taking another man, but I recognised it as her attempt to satisfy my fantasy, so I introduced another fantasy.... Her having sex with another woman. OMG - di she suddenly get soaked and squirted everywhere! Then she was up for more and while I fucked her i asked her to imagine another woman with a strap-on fucking her... it blew her mind! So perhaps she would be more inclined to sleep with another woman? This is not my fantasy. I will persue it and see if my theory is correct. It may end up that she leaves me for another woman, but if that is where she will ultimately be happy, who am I to stand in her way?



  1. Im a bull and definitely a MAN! If she's willing to be exchange emails with me then I will flirt my way into her pussy. Be warned I like nothing better than knowing that I've caused a husband to be denied sex and the longer the better!

  2. Pity you are anonymous...