Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Great Story From the Web

A story from the web.....

This is the story about my wife’s and mine first experience with another man.
My wife and I have been married for about 6 years and going steady for about 2 years prior to that. My wife is 38 and I am 40. My wife is a classic Milf and has a great body and long legs that go all the way up to her tight shaved pussy.
For the last 3-4 years I have been constantly bringing up my fantasy during our love making of seeing my wife with another man. This usually results in a great sex session between my wife and me but up until now has only been a fantasy as my wife has indicated that she doesn’t want it to go further than that. We have a good friend Josh who has the hots for my wife and they use to go for lunch quite a bit. During lunch they would do the small talk stuff and usually drift around to sex but never take it further than that. We have quite often used Josh as our fantasy man and he knows that, as my wife and myself have spoken openly to him about it. During the frequent lunch dates my wife has had with him she would often mention that we had a good sex session the night before while thinking of him. To help us along with our fantasy Josh had forwarded some pics of his hard cock to me which I had shown to my wife during our sex sessions, this always resulted in a awesome session between me and my wife and we would quite often end up fucking doggy style while she looked at the pics of Josh’s hard cock imagining him pumping her instead of me.
Despite my repeated requests and hints my wife has never taken it any further than the fantasy level much to my disappointment.
One of the things my wife has always talked about is the size of Josh’s cock and how it would feel stretching her tight little pussy. Now my cock is a little above average in size about 7 inches long and average thickness but Joshes takes it to a whole new level. He is about 9-10 inches long and very thick with a very large cockhead. Up until now we have only had pictures to look at but I was planning something different for my wife and that was a video from Josh.

During one of our sex sessions I had mentioned to my wife that Josh had sent me a video of himself wanking with a massive cum shot at the end, I went on to describe all the details of the video and my wife went absolutely crazy ravaging me while asking all about the video and when would she be able to see it.
The problem was I was only making it up to gauge her reaction. I told her Josh had emailed it to my work and I would have to organise to save it to disk and bring it home.
The next day I rang Josh and explained my dilemma to him and he said he would be only to happy to make a video up for me and drop it off.
As he was having lunch with my wife the following day I told him not to say anything to her about it as I would surprise her with it once he had done it and given it to me.
Well a few days passed and Josh said that he had finally finished the video and it was to large to email to my work so he would drop it off at home. He told me he would leave it in the letterbox with work sample marked across the package so as not to arouse my wife’s suspicion.
I rang my wife from work later that afternoon and told her I had a surprise for her later that night and hinted that it was something she was wanting to see.
The rest of the day passed rather slowly and as soon as work finished I rushed home and sure enough the package was waiting for me in the letterbox.
Later that night once my wife and I had retired to bed I mentioned to her that I had a surprise for her. She slid up to me in bed and cuddled into me and we started to kiss deeply and passionately, she broke the kiss off and asked me what it was, I mentioned to her that I had bought home the video of josh and would she like to watch it. With that question she grabbed my hand and guided it down to her knickers, they were soaking wet in the front and she was extremely turned on. I easily slid my finger underneath the side elastic and started to rub her very wet slit and then her clit. She started moaning and grabbed for my cock which by now was rock hard at the thought of seeing her getting off while watching Josh stroking his cock.
I broke away from her and switched on the tv in our room and put the dvd into the dvd player. Turning around to get back into bed I watched my wife as she propped herself up with pillows, peeled her panties off, spread her legs and started to run her fingers along her wet slit and play with her clit.
I hopped into bed next to her and couldn’t even touch my cock for fear of it erupting, I was so excited I had copious amounts of precum leaking from the head.
The video started, Josh was lying on his bed with a red gstring on stroking the large swelling bulge that was clearly visible. He zoomed the video in and the screen was filled with the image of him rubbing his cock through the silky fabric. Near the head of his cock you could clearly see a wet spot appearing which was obviously precum leaking out of the head of his cock. Wow I thought Josh is definitely super turned on. This went on for a little bit and the tension in our room was unbearable, not a sound could be heard from either of us as we were glued to the screen. Josh had now stopped rubbing his cock and preceded to pull his gstring to the side to release his cock and wow what a massive monster it was.

As he released his cock he quite audibly said "This is for you Debs (which is my wife’s name) and preceded to start to stroke the full length of his shaft. My wife let out an audible gasp and started to plunge her fingers into her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She reached over to me with her free hand and started to lightly stroke my cock before leaning over to lick the huge bead of precome that had leaked out of my cock with her light stroking. Looking back to the screen Josh’s hand disappeared from his cock and when it returned seconds later it was filled with lube which he preceded to rub into his cock. The tv screen was filled with the sight of a massive 9 inch cock that was swollen to bursting, his hand was slowly working its way up and down the length and a huge bead of precum leaked out from the head and rolled down his shaft to be mixed in with the lube that was glistening on his shaft.
By now my wife was moaning and saying to me she couldn’t believe how big his cock was and wondered what it would feel like to be stretched by that monster.
The screens view changed and the image panned out slightly, you could now see Josh's thighs massive cock and part of his upper abdomen. Suddenly coming onto screen was another person, a female, she was facing away from the camera and you could only see her upper legs, tight little ass and part of her lower back. She climbed onto the bed and straddled across Josh’s waist with her ass facing the camera. Who could it be as I knew Josh wasn’t married but he did have a few girlfriends who visited from time to time.
My wife was absolutely engrossed by now in the video and a large wet patch had appeared beneath her on the bed sheets from where she was leaking a large amount of pussy juice, she was so wet and I couldn’t remember a time she had been this aroused.
On the screen Josh's enormous cock head was rubbing up and down the shaved slit and ass of the girl on screen and she was definitely very aroused and wet. I watched as his cock head slowly parted her lips and started to slowly penetrate her tight pussy. It took awhile but eventually he was buried to the balls in her pussy and you could see she was very stretched and looking super tight. Slowly she started to ride his massive cock until eventually she had build up a steady rhythm and was pounding up and down on it. My wife was delirious by now and was feverously rubbing her pussy and clit saying she was about to cum. She let out a gurgled moan and then shook as her orgasm shook through her body. Settling down she again turned her attention to the tv and started to stroke my cock harder rubbing my precum into my shaft.
Looking back at the tv screen the woman was by now pounding her ass up and down on his massive cock before suddenly stopping and arching her back as an obvious orgasm raced through her body. Once she had finished coming she resumed her pounding of his cock before jumping of him and grabbing his cock with her hand. The screen was now filled with the sight of her hand wrapped around his cock pumping it up and down, my wife started to match the tempo on screen and I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Suddenly Josh's voice sounded and he said he was about to cum,
The hand on screen increased the speed and tempo and suddenly a face appeared on screen and took his cock into her mouth, the face on screen was my wife, at the same time as this was happening on screen my wife also leant over and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me for all she was worth. On screen Josh arched his back and started to cum, my wife was looking directly at the camera as she sucked Josh's cock and the first blast shot directly into her mouth, she quickly clamped her mouth down over his cock as he continued to cum in her mouth, the volume was so huge it was leaking out the sides of her mouth and down his shaft, at the same time I announced I was cumming and had one of the most intense orgasms ive ever had, nearly blacking out in the process. I shot load after load into my wife’s hot mouth as she struggled to contain it all just like she was doing onscreen with Josh’s cock.

Once she had finished sucking Josh's now deflating cock she looked directly at the camera and said "hi honey, surprise, I love you"
Looking up at me from my now softening cock she said exactly the same words before reaching up to me to give me a deep loving kiss.
She said she had mentioned to Josh at lunch about his video and he had confessed to her that he was yet to make it for me to give to her. She had then suggested that they surprise me as it was what I had been after for years.
She mentioned that she had had at least two orgasms while riding his huge cock, the first as he fully penetrated her for the first time and then the second after she had been riding him for awhile.
She then mentioned that perhaps at some stage later we could all get together for a threesome as she was keen to have both of us pleasure her.
Wow it looks like our first adventure into the hotwife lifestyle wont be our last.


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