Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Plan Revisited

I think that I need to revisit the plan. I have become to excited and pushed my wife too fast - I need to step back and give her space. The idea is planted firmly - That is the first step completed. This is a blog about reluctant wives and mine certainly is - she is sort of OK with the fantasy but, she has low self esteem, is VERY shy and conservative. I need to address these issues, but first lets recap.

The steps to convince a reluctant wife are as follows:

1. Get the idea into the open. I explored some ideas of how to do this over here. This is a very important step, letting her know that you get turned on by this fantasy. Once the idea is out there, you have to convince her of your motives and assure her that you never want another woman. You want to "Enhance" your relationship. Use these words and words that appeal to women. You must convince her that her pleasure is your pleasure and nothing is more of a turn on than imagining her groaning with pleasure and watching her face while she is getting fucked by another man. When you have got the idea into the open you can both SLOWLY explore all the facets of it - but beware - one wrong word from you will create a shutdown. The golden rules are - Its all about her pleasure - it is all about enhancing the relationship - you want to be her worshiper - you want her to experience the pleasure - you can only truly receive pleasure through her - etc, etc. It must all be about her and the benefits to your relationship.

2. Make a Date Night - The more you have sex, the more you want it. You need to have a regular sex session and you will find as I have that you start to make love more often on other nights. You must increase her sex drive. Sex toys are also a good idea, especially big dildo's where you can introduce the fantasy of her taking another cock. The date nights can be evolved to the point where each date night is dedicated to one or the other partner in turn. this is a great way to introduce the fantasy into your love making if you haven't already. Once the date nights are going well you can start by taking it out of the bedroom - meeting her in a pub perhaps, or going to a movie. I think this should be on her date nights and you should NOT bring up the fantasy... until she is comfortable with going out on a sex night and flirting with you. We need to encourage this behaviour.

This is where I am at the moment.... so we shall see how this works.

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