Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hypnosis - Part 2

So this Wednesday I am going to try the erotic hypnosis, we will start with the relaxing script and once she is totally relaxed i am going to perform the following script on her, with loads of confidence inspiring messages of love and acceptance and I have split it into two parts - the first is affirmation and the second is the fantasy.


Now I want you to use your imagination. Imagine you have just woken up and the first thing you notice is that it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is the bluest you have ever seen it, it is warm, the birds are singing and you feel good. And as you lay there you realise that you don't just feel good - you feel absolutely fantastic. You have had the best nights sleep you have ever had, you feel refreshed, relaxed and happy - happier than you have felt in a long time. There is another feeling that you are suddenly aware of, it is a tingling in your groin and you realise that you are feeling horny. As you lay there in the silence of the morning, you start to run your hands over your body, feeling the essence of your femininity and you realise that this happiness you are feeling is because you are finally accepting the fact that your adoring husband has been telling you for years - you ARE beautiful. You ARE desirable. you ARE a goddess. You fall into a category of women that have a HUGE fan base. There are literally millions of men out there that would give their eye teeth to touch that gorgeous rubenesque body of yours. It is a body to be proud of, a body to be admired. You had always known you were pretty - but to suddenly realise that your body is an object of desire to so many men is a revelation to you. You feel like a celebrity, you feel wanted and desired and as you lay there you realise that this has been strengthening your confidence and people are beginning to notice this change. Just the other day when you left the house, strangers were greeting you, the other mom's at your school all wanted to talk to you and this is what happens when people see someone brimming with confidence - it attracts everyone - and the more positive reactions you receive, the more confidence you exude. You sigh contentedly as you lay there and look at your husband who started it all, sleeping contentedly next to you. He always knew you were a goddess and this is what he has always seen. Your rock, your provider, your lover, your friend. You could never doubt his feelings about you, as his body always betrayed him with its hardness, that cannot be faked. Always hard, always wanting more of you. And yet his true pleasure is your pleasure - The only way he can reach the height of his pleasure is through your pleasure. Completely unselfish and adoring, his longing is for you to be pleased. It was him that pointed out all the men that wanted you, it was him that showed you how beautiful you really are, how attractive and sexy men find you and the only thing he ever wanted in return was for you to feel pleasure, to see your face as you experienced pure pleasure, to hear you whimper with joy and excitement - these alone are his ultimate pleasures. This is yet another reason you feel so happy, because according to your husband, for you to demonstrate how much you love him, for him the ultimate show of your love, is you making love to another man - for your husband this is the greatest affirmation of your love. It is the one thing you can do to create an unbreakable bond between you. It is the very glue that will bind him to you eternally. For him to see or hear you experiencing this pleasure is his greatest reward - for him there can be no greater expression of love. It is love without boundaries, or conditions, or conventions, or rules. It transcends all civilisations and rituals and flies high above the madding crowd. It is the truest form of love. He wants you to be his goddess. And this pleases you. This excites you. It makes you hot. You want to open your wings and fly. For too long you have neglected you sexual nature and now you have the freedom to embrace it, explore it and be open to new adventures and excitement. The possibilities are so exciting and the future seems to be a series of adventures for you to enjoy knowing that you have the backing and security of your husband to anchor you. You feel like a caged bird that has been freed from the confines of your upbringing. You have become a goddess and you feel giddy with the power of it. It's no wonder you are happy. You realise now that each time you look into the mirror, you will see a beautiful, confident, sexy woman staring back at you. With each passing day your confidence will grow and the whole world will see it. Things you thought impossible will seem easy. You are a phoenix rising from the ashes. You feel GOOD. You feel SEXY.


Now I want you to imagine that you have been invited to a wedding. You have instructed your cuckyboy that he will be staying at home and minding the children while you go out and enjoy yourself and that he must do certain chores whilst you are out. You take a lot of time getting dressed and doing your make-up until you are satisfied you look fantastic. You have decided to wear VERY sexy underwear to make you feel sexy and adventurous, corset, garters, hold ups, silk see-thru panties and bra - the works. Under your dress you are a vixen. I want you to imagine that you have summoned your cuckyboy to feast his eyes and he is positively drooling. Then you lock him up in his chastity device because his cock belongs to you and you allow him to put the key on a beautiful chain around your neck. Then you make him put on your ankle bracelet - the sign that you are a goddess and are looking for men to worship at your altar. You kiss him goodbye and sweep out of the house with confidence, leaving him trembling with excitement.
Imagine that you are now at the reception and everybody is celebrating. Everybody seems to want to talk to you. Everywhere you go people stop you to talk to you, they are drawn to you and you find that you have become confident, charasmatic and funny. You chat to everyone with ease and they hang on to your every word. As you sip on you champange, you marvel at the changes in you - you feel like a princess surrounded by suitors. While you are standing there, an extremely good looking alpha male approaches you and starts to chat you up. After a while he mentions that you have a beautiful ankle bracelet and without missing a beat you tell him that your husband was full of bull when he gave it to you. You both beam at each other naughtily. The evening continues when all of a sudden you see HIM across the room, the guy from years ago at another wedding, that you wanted so badly. He looks around and catches your eye and your stomach is filled with butterflies. He is smiling from ear to ear as he makes a beeline to you. He is so happy to see you and you both start talking at once. He tells you that he never stopped thinking about you and how he regretted never getting your number. You end up chatting and laughing for ages until he spots your wedding ring and his face is filled with dissapointment. You smile wickedly at him and ask him to come closer... you whisper in his ear and tell him all about your cuckyboy. He is unsure at first, but as you explain it to him, he starts to get more and more excited. You suggest that he should come home with you... and help you to make cuckyboys wildest dreams come true. He agrees. You text cuckyboy and tell him to stay upstairs and not come down when you get home as you are bringing a friend home with you.

Now I want you to imagine that you have arrived back home and cuckyboy has cleaned the house to the highest standards and left a tray with beautifully presented drinks and chocolates, candles, warmed the room and put soft music on. I want you to imagine how you are feeling. You are excited. That excitement of knowing you have decided to sleep with someone - and not just anyone, someone that you find exciting. You are excited to know that cuckyboy is upstairs and very much awake. Excited knowing you are about to make all of his dreams come true. Secure knowing you are at home and safe. Pleased that the house is so clean. Relaxed by the setting. You both sit down and are suddenly shy. He takes you into his arms and kisses you deeply and the effect is electric, all your senses are on fire and being with another man for the first time is making you ache with desire. You are very wet indeed and your body is on fire. He kisses your neck and caresses your body. Your hands explore him and he feels good, the passion builds and suddenly you are tearing each others clothes off and pressing your naked bodies together, kissing passionately, he lifts you up and you feel his hardness pushed against you - and it feels very big, bigger than you have felt before. He slowly enters you and it feels better than anything you have experienced so far, you feel his big, hard cock stretching your pussy and it slides in, helped by your wetness - and he is fully inside you and it feels glorious - you have never felt so full of cock before - it is the thickest cock you have ever experienced and the feeling of your pussy stretched around his cock is magnificent. And then he starts to fuck you. Long slow strokes that make you feel like you will die from pleasure, his strong arms holding you, his lips on your neck, and you are moaning so loudly and so wantonly, hearing your animal moans of pleasure is actually turning you on more. And his strokes increase in pace and the thrusts get harder and harder - suddenly he fucking you so hard and fast - his huge cock plowing into your dripping wet pussy. You feel a multple orgasm building - you have only ever heard about this but you can actually feel the orgasm of your clit, g-spot and pussy about to go nuclear. And it does, the orgasm hits you and you convulse, your pussy starts to spay cum all over you and him, and you scream as wave after wave of orgasm hits you you buck up into him and he starts to cum, and you can feel huge spurt after huge spurt of cum fulling your pussy, and suddenly you want it all over your body too - you want to taste his cum, you want to rub it into your tits - he pulls out and starts to cum all over you - spurt after spurt - it seems it will never stop. Eventually, you lay spent - throbbing and covered inside and out with cum and sweat. You suddenly remember poor cuckyboy is still in his chastity device - you call him down - he has somehow removed it - the naughty boy. You command him to clean you and as he goes to get a towel you remind him that you want him to clean you with his tongue. As you lay there feeling him licking your pussy clean and eating all the cum out of you - you realise that it is going to be an exciting night ahead and you will not be getting a lot of sleep, you also realise that you may never be able to walk properly again, smiling you consider the benefits.


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