Friday, 18 March 2011

Vanilla Exercise No.1

I was going to do a list of vanilla exercises until I started on the first one which took so long I decided to do one at a time. Here is the email I sent to my wife:

Hey Gorgeous,

Explanation of vanilla: The term "vanilla" derives from the use of vanilla extract as the basic flavouring for ice cream, and by extension, meaning "plain" or "conventional". In relationships where only one partner enjoys less conventional forms of sexual expression, the partner who does not enjoy such activities is often referred to as the vanilla partner. As such, it is easy for them to be branded unadventurous and dull in sexual matters. Through exploration with their partner, it is possible for a more vanilla-minded person to discover new facets of their sexuality.

I wanted to put together some things that you can do to please and satisfy my needs without removing yourself from your comfort zone, and knowing what a good wife you are, I was sure that you would enjoy trying these exercises for our mutual benefit. I will start with the easiest things for you to do and you will find that you have already done a lot of them already. So here is the first in a series of exercises...

1. Realism: Nothing is more erotic to the budding cuckold than when he believes. It is a predominantly a psychological fantasy, everything happens in the mind, all the feelings that combine to create the sexual high are within. Therefore, when you say anything to the cuckold it will first be sent to the propaganda unit of the mind to check for truth and inconsistencies. When you say "I love big cock inside me" it does not need to be checked because the cuckold knows this as a universal truth (even if it was untrue). He believes it and it excites him beyond measure. It kicks in all his cuckold feelings of inadequacy, fear and jealousy which turn him on in ways you cannot imagine, the same way in which you cannot understand how it would be enjoyable. So when you say something like "I met a hot guy today" this gets processed like a forensic expert from CSI and will prompt many questions to determine the truth of it. It is subject to such scrutiny because it is so important to him - he WANTS this to be true, but he will not be fooled. Therefore, remember that when saying anything to the cuckold YOU must believe it completely before you say it. When you say one of the many things he wants to hear, if it has a ring of truth to it, it will excite him beyond measure. Concentrate on saying things that are true, for instance if you find a guy attractive - tell me. Later you can use this in bed to confess that you are thinking about him, which may not be true, but while I am busy with you, the propaganda unit is working with a skeleton staff and it will pass because it had been established earlier. Tell me when you have felt horny and used your vibrator when I was not available - I love that. Try and find times to do that even when I am around, like when you take a bath - then you can tell me about it later. Try and fantasise about taking another man, then tell me about it in a normal setting, this would indicate to me that you are thinking about it and drive me wild with desire. Talk about the advantages that you are looking forward to, i.e. freedom, increased confidence, making me your slave, lots of sex, going out without me and having "you" time, feeling desirable, etc, etc. To make it believable you need to spend time thinking about the advantages and the exciting elements of the fantasy. Send me erotic emails to show me you are at home feeling horny and thinking about sex. Another great thing you can do, is whenever you want something you can use certain commands to get them providing we are alone. Examples: "Cuckyboy - make me coffee", "Cuckyboy - run my bath" "Cuckyboy - go get my vibrator". While I am fucking you, you can say "Oh babes, I really do need a bigger cock - can you try fuck me harder instead?" but you must believe it, say it with feeling. Talk to me about how you have no idea how you are going to meet someone and wish I could come up with some good ideas. Talk to me about how you wonder how the first time will feel and how it will eventually happen, talk about scenarios that you have imagined.

All these exercises involve only speech - a completely vanilla enterprise. All that is required on your part is to believe in what you say to make me believe. You need to spend some time fantasising about it to enable you to talk convincingly about it. Maybe on the nights you go to bed early you should make it a habit to use your vibrator and fantasise about this, it will also help you to go to sleep afterwards. You could even leave the vibrator on my side of the bed with a post-it note saying "Clean it Cuckyboy"....


  1. I love this letter. I hope you don't mind if I use it with some alterations. Good stuff!

  2. excellent explains a cucks feeling bang on

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