Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The snarling beast

It is amazing, every month like clockwork - one week before her period, she turns into a snarling beast completely unrecognizable as herself. I am sure this is how legends of werewolves came about... This Wednesday is not looking good... On the bright side it is her Wednesday :) I have been trying to keep a low profile, but I can't help my own nature. For instance, she took out three plates from the oven with a tea towel and lightly burnt herself, then she put them out and touched one and burnt herself again - Then the beast turned on me and demanded to know why I wasn't more sympathetic to which I replied "Well, it's just stupid touching a plate you knew was hot and had just burned yourself on, isn't it?" This went down like a lead balloon and ensured the rest of the night went very badly. Unfortunately, I always speak my mind, which if you read Men are from Mars etc, you will know does not help at all, as women rarely want solutions, but wish to have sympathy instead. Where I never want sympathy and always want solutions. If I hurt myself I expect other people to laugh, that's just the way I was brought up. I was raised by my mom who was a single mother and was very tough - she never cried and tried to make me as tough as possible. My wife is so different - she cries at the drop of a hat and she is mega sensitive and I find it really weird - as I do not have any experience of this. I do try and be understanding, but I find my nature a real stumbling block. Here is to continuing personal development :)

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