Thursday, 3 March 2011


Well, I must say that having these Wednesday nights dedicated to sex has really improved our sex life. Last night started off really badly, she was sick, had her period and was out of sorts. Once she was out the bath I suggested that an orgasm may make her feel better :) She was not keen and I said it didn't have to involve sex - she could just lay back and be pleasured any way she wants. She asked for a cuddle - this turned into a muffdive with one finger up her bum and made her come intensely. She then invited me to fuck her - but I knew she didn't really want to. I can't resist the feel of her hot wet cunt, so I thought I would go in for a few hard strokes and pull out and finish myself by hand - Once she felt those strokes she actually begged me not to stop - so I fucked her very hard and very fast - OMG - she literally sprayed come everywhere! There were wet patches everywhere, on her gown on the bed, my shirt was soaked and when I went to bed, somehow the pillow had got a soaking as well! Every single Wednesday she has been squirting - It is so cool. She used to years ago but until recently has not done that for years. Things are really getting hot. I wonder exactly what is making her soooo hot? mmmmmm. Damn, I am getting hard just thinking about it!

The next step for me is to sign her up to a dating site without a picture and just get her emailing other guys, this week I am going to get her to go on a chat room at dark cavern and see how that makes her feel. Does anyone know of a good swingers/cuckold site that is 100% free?



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