Monday, 7 March 2011

The Plan - progress

Well I think I have pretty much covered the first three parts of the plan.

1. Planning - It was a general plan outlined by six steps and tailored to suit individual needs.

2. Introduction - I think this is the most difficult stage for many men, where you subtly start to introduce the idea, and I also think that this is one of the most critical stages, luckily for me it was an easy stage because I had always talked about this to my wife, but I did outline ways of introducing the idea to a more conservative wife.

3. Mental Introduction - This is where I tried to get my wife to separate her feelings of sex from her moral character, this is an ongoing thing that I will keep enforcing, by impressing on her that they can and must be separated. This is where I gave her a persona called "Slutty" to take refuge in, where she can feel almost irresponsible for her actions.

4. Vanilla Exercises - This is where I am now. I am going to get her to start to do things that she is comfortable with but takes her out of her comfort zone. i.e. Doing things with no risk element but that she has never done before. The first thing I am going to do is to get her is to go on a chat room and speak to other likeminded people. I am also going to get her to set up a profile on a dating website to guage other peoples reactions and to give her an opportunity to flirt with other men. This Wednesday I will get her on the chat room - I am hoping that she may get involved in a bit of sexy chat, while I eat and pleasure her....


  1. I can't reveal my identity here unfortunately, but you should know that I'm very much enjoying reading your saga! I've been doing similar blogging about my wife's journey to becoming a hotwife on Experience Project.


  2. Thanks for your interest and support - do you have a link to the EP blog?

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