Monday, 28 March 2011

The Plan - Erotic Hypnosis

Since beginning this plan I have learnt that for success the following is very important and needs to be done at every opportunity:

1) Your wife needs to feel good about herself
2) Your wife needs to feel loved and completely secure in your relationship
3) Your wife needs to increase her sex drive by having more sex.

I was thinking of erotic hypnosis and how I might use it to create a cuckold fantasy to be enjoyed by her. The principles of hypnosis is to make the person completely relaxed and then create mental imagery. So I thought that I might create a cuckold fantasy and then one night tell her to relax and go through the motions of hypnosis, once she is relaxed then i could embark on the fantasy. The objective is not to actually hypnotise her, but rather to follow the principles to allow her to have the fantasy in a completely risk free environment - another vanilla exercise. This should be quite sexy... I also think that creating different scenarios/fantasies to cater for all sorts of possible encounters will open her mind to it in reality. That is, if she is in a similar situation in real life, it may trigger the memory of the fantasy and influence her actions and thoughts, it will also give her a framework for her to use that we can both recognise. I tend to fantasise about realistic scenarios and I think I should start sharing them with her in this way.