Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My second and third experience

My second experience also involved my cousin from the first experience. I had broken up with my girlfriend but she was always hanging out at my place, one night we went to my cousin's place and he only had a single bed I had a bed on the floor and I was pretty sure she was going to fuck him, I was really excited - BUT - I was pretending to be asleep and I fell asleep and missed everything - I was gutted! My third was much better.

I met a girl one night in a lift and we got talking and I asked her if she wanted to come to a get together i was going to (it was a club i belonged to) and she said yes. We had a great time and I ended up fucking her on a rugby field that night - it was really cool and she was a sex maniac! A couple of weeks later I took her to the same cousin from experience one and two and we sat in the back of the car smoking a joint with her in between us. I mentioned what pert tits she had and he admired them, I then pulled her top up to show him, because I was sure she would not stop me. So we sat there fondling her tits - it was so cool and we both had such hard-ons. We jumped out the car pulled her panties off and he sat her on the boot and started to fuck her - I stood and watched and wanked - at one point his cock came out of her and because he was supporting her with both arms, I grabbed his cock and guided it back into her - it was brilliant. We took turns fucking her and did this again on a separate occasion in a nature reserve. I also got one of my other mates to fuck her in front of me on yet another occasion. She was so cool and she loved getting fucked. It was also the last time my cousin fucked any of my girlfriends. He now lives in Thailand and apparently has lots of sex!

After her I have only had one more experience which was the best to date...


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