Monday, 14 March 2011

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday night started off badly, but just like the last time it happened, it turned out brilliantly. It started off with us discussing our debt and our plan to deal with it. I was getting right into it (the plan is so simple and effective - you take all your monthly debts, divide each one by the minimum payment required and use the number as a indicator number. Then you find some extra money (for us it was £25) which is called your multiplier. You the take the debt with the least amount of time (the lowest indicator number) and apply the multiplier to it - so your pay an extra £25 on top of the minimum payment. Once that debt is cleared you add the minimum payment to the multiplier and this becomes your new multiplier and you add this to the next debt. Each time your clear a debt, you add what you were paying to your multiplier and create a snowball effect - it is great). Any way, it must be a man thing getting sidetracked by numbers :) because she says to me (and remember it was my Wednesday) "When are we going to get sexy?"

Well I stopped everything immediately and came over to her with the laptop, my plan was to get her chatting online. We went online to a chatroom and she started to chat - it was great. We had a lot of fun because some of the guys were so ridiculous that we were just falling about laughing. But it opened up lots of doors and we discussed ways to meet other guys. I think that it is not so much now about progress but more about accustomise her to the idea and making it acceptable and making the seed grow - this stage is like watering the seed and letting it germinate. She did speak to one guy she liked talking to which was good. I am hoping to get her involved in emailing other men. One thing that was cool was the things she was saying to the guys - She asked me what to say and I told her just to be honest - one of the things she kept saying was "My husband wants me to cuckold him and being the good wife that I am, I am exploring what's out there" - this made me very horny. We also went on the adult site where I set up a profile for us and looked at the messages and answered them. It was all very exciting. We proceeded to bed a fucked like rabbits. I have been emailing her  Pictures  from a cuckold site and hope this is reinforcing the idea too. This Wednesday is her night so, I am not sure when I will next post, but if anything interesting happens - I will let you know. I am going to send her a list of vanilla exercises I want her to try and do for me too. I almost forgot to say that she has finally made an arrangement to go out with one of her friends and stay at her house for the night - this is a huge step as she has never done this before! Nothing will happen - but you never know your good luck :)


  1. What chatroom did you go on? It seems like you are making very good progress

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