Thursday, 17 March 2011

About Last Night

Well it started off badly as usual... we had a little fight. She minced off to the bath so I took the fight to the bath. Later I was downstairs and she came down and said with a smile "I hope you are going to fuck me hard to make up for your behaviour"!!! She was quite aggressive so I said "If you ended that sentence with 'Cuckyboy' it would have been perfect!" We went upstairs and she asked if we should invite Mr buzzy (her vibrator) and I told her to get started whilst I freshened up. I came out of the bath to the glorious sight of her naked with the vibrator on her clit. I asked if she wanted me to suck her nipples (which she loves while using the vibrator) and she nodded. I have been trying to get her comfortable over a long time with anal play, she has always said she will never do it, but I have found that whilst licking her pussy I have been able to gently massage her bud at the same time to great effect and I have slowly been applying pressure and getting in a little. It is amazing to feel what it does when she comes and I know she is starting to enjoy it. Recently I asked if I could put some oil there to make it easier and she agreed. So last night whilst sucking her nipples I started massaging her bud and asked if I could put some oil there - she readily agreed. I then managed to get my finger about an inch into her and imitated the movements of sex - she came sooo badly. Then I started to fuck her. Now remember that this is her night about her wants and needs.  Halfway through she said that she came so badly because she was imagining getting fucked by some one else! This instantly made me fuck her much harder and she started to say things like "fuck me cuckyboy" OMG - can you imagine how excited and turned on I was? I came all over the place and then proceeded to lick her while my cum was pouring out... Just writing this has made me all excited again. Damn, it is so close to happening I can almost taste it.

One problem I can foresee is how to meet someone suitable. She is not keen on meeting someone from the Internet and I do not want to shit on my doorstep by meeting anyone we know or that lives too close. It is hard enough just meeting new people socially. This is an area I am going to have to apply myself to, but I am hoping that if she goes on forum of decent sites like Hotwifing 101 she may change her mind about meeting someone on the net. Now to get started on the ultra vanilla exercises....