Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Missed Connection

My wife always talks about a time when she went to a wedding some years back and there was this young guy that was besotted with her. Every time they danced she could feel his hard on pressed against her, and by the end of the night they were desperately trying to find a quiet spot to have sex. Unfortunately, because she was with other people, it turned out to be impossible to do. She often talks about how she wishes she could have got him alone to herself for an hour or two - and she never got his number either. I am hoping to use this in the hypnosis project I discussed earlier. When I spoke to my wife about it she seemed VERY keen.... watch this space :)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Here is a script I found that I think I may modify slightly and use to get my wife ready for the fantasy. Apparently this is a deep relaxation script..... The fantasy ideas to follow... I think I may ask her what fantasy she would like to experience first.



Place your feet down on the floor. Place one hand on each leg with your palms down.

Now look down on one of your hands, it doesn't matter which one, just look down at one of your hands. I want you to watch that hand. I want you to concentrate on your hand. Do not remove your eyes from your hand.

Now notice the tightness of the skin on your hand. Notice the feel of the material that's underneath your hand, notice any rings and any jewelry that might be on your hand, just watch that hand, just concentrate on that hand and listen, listen to my voice only.

Think of relaxation only, any sound about this room other than my voice, let drift into the background, any thoughts other than relaxation that come about, just let them come and pass.

Just watch that hand, concentrate on that hand, experience everything that you can about that hand and soon, soon this pleasant drowsiness will come about, perhaps your eyes might begin to sting and burn, or perhaps they may begin to water. Do not deliberately close your eyes, but don't make any effort to keep your eyes open, Just let your eyes close whenever they want to, and you'll drift to a wonderful pleasant place of relaxation. Just let yourself go, as you watch your hand it might become dark. It might become blurry, it may even disappear from your sight altogether, do not refocus your eyes on your hand, just let your eyes close whenever they want to and you'll drift to this wonderful, pleasant place, just let yourself go, as we go along I want you to be aware of your breathing and each breath you take, each time that you exhale, let your neck relax and let your shoulders drop, just let them go, it will feel wonderfully good,

I'm going to count from one to three and when I reach three, if you haven't closed your eyes down, I want you to close your eyes at that time. Now you will always be able to open your eyes if you really want to, but leave them closed until I ask you to open them. One, two, and three, letting your eyes close, letting your neck relax, letting your shoulders drop, just let them go, as we go along you're going to find that your mind has a tendency to wander around to other thoughts and other places, any time you find your mind wandering about, simply bring it back and focus your attention on my voice, and you'll drift a little faster and a little more deeply relaxed than you were the moment before.

To ensure that you're totally relaxed I'm going to mention several muscle groups of your body, as I mention these groups of muscles I want you to focus your attention there, I want you to concentrate, focus you attention and relax each group of muscles that I mention.

Concentrate on your face now and let your face muscles relax, you've relaxed your face, now relax the tiny, tiny muscles around your eyes, you've relaxed your face and your eyes and now your neck, let your neck relax, you've relaxed your neck and now your shoulders, let your shoulders drop, just let them go. You've relaxed your shoulders, and now your arms and your hands are beginning to feel so heavy, so heavy as though lead weights were pulling down on them. Relax your arms and your hands and your fingers, you've relaxed your arms and your hands and your fingers, and now your chest, let your chest go, you've relaxed your chest, and now your stomach, you've relaxed your stomach and now your hips, your hips and your thighs, your thighs and your knees, your knees and your calves, your calves and your ankles, your ankles and your feet. Every nerve, every muscle, every fiber of your body is more relaxed right now than you've ever been in your entire life, and you're going to continue to relax even more as we go along.

I'm going to count to three and when I reach three I want everyone to take a deep breath and hold it. One, two and three, a deep breath filling your lungs up and now exhale slowly, as you exhale slowly let all of your muscles relax, just let them go and melt down farther and farther and farther, just let them all relax and melt.

Let's do that one more time, one, two and three, a deep breath, filling your lungs up with air and exhale slowly, as you exhale let all of your muscles melt right down farther and farther and farther.

To ensure you're totally relaxed I'm gong to go through that relaxation of your body one more time, very quickly.

Concentrate on your face now and let your face muscles relax, you've relaxed your face, relax the tiny, tiny muscles around your eyes. You've relaxed your face and your eyes and now your neck, let your neck relax, you've relaxed your neck and now your shoulders, let your shoulders drop, just let them go, you've relaxed your shoulders and now your arms and hands are feeling so heavy, so heavy as though those lead weights we're just pulling down on them, relax your arms and your hands and your fingers, you've relaxed your arms and your hands and your fingers and now your chest, letting your chest relax.

As we go along I may come by and I may touch you lightly on the side of the neck

As you relaxed your chest and now your stomach, I've relaxed your stomach and now your hips, your hips and your thighs, your thighs and your knees, your knees and your calves, your calves and your ankles, your ankles and your feet, every nerve, every muscle, every fiber just melting and dropping, it feels wonderfully good, it's going to feel even better, even better as we go along.

At this point you're going to find it very, very easy to use your imagination. You're going to find it very easy to use your imagination, I want you to use your imagination now and I want you to imagine that its a pleasant summers day, its a pleasant summers day, just let go and relax and melt down farther and farther.

I want you to imagine that its a pleasant summers day and you're lying in a hammock stretched between two trees, you can see the sunlight coming down through the leaves of the trees, and you can see the limbs of the trees as they sway back and forth in the gentle summer breeze.

I'm going to count down from ten to one and on each number I count that hammock is going to sway back and forth, back and forth, and each time that hammock swings you're going to continue to relax and melt and drop down farther and deeper than you were a moment before.

Even if you're in the audience I may come by and I may move you or touch you or adjust your body position, if I do, just let yourself go and drop way down, just letting go, relaxing and melting and dropping down farther and farther.

You're in this hammock now and this hammock is beginning to swing in the breeze, Ten, and you've relaxed, 9, 8, 7, it feels warm and safe and comfortable, 7, 6, 5, 4, as the hammock goes backwards & forwards, backwards & forwards, just let yourself go, 4, 3, 2 and 1, all the way down.

Now I want you to use your imagination just one more time.

Now, use your imagination just one more time and this time I want you to imagine that you're in an office building, it's a twenty story office building and you are way up on the twentieth floor, you're going to ride the elevator from the twentieth floor down to the very first floor, and each floor that passes by, each floor that goes by, you're going to continue to drop and relax, down farther and deeper relaxed than the floor before.

You're in the elevator now and the elevator is beginning to move.

There goes the 19th floor, you've relaxed.

There goes the 18th floor,

There goes the 17th floor, just let yourself go and melt yourself down to the 16th floor.

Down to the 16th floor.

The 15th floor, the 14th floor, your whole body feels like a rag doll as you melt to the 14th floor, the 13th, the 12th, the 11th, the 10th, the 9th, the 8th floor, it feels as if there are magnets in the bottom of this elevator, those magnets are pulling down on your body, they're pulling you right down to the very carpet of the elevator.

Just let go and relax down to the 7th floor, the 6th floor, the 5th, the 4th, the 3rd, the 2nd, as the sound of my voice, even the sound of my voice helps you to relax and helps you to drop down to the 3rd floor, the 2nd floor, and we're almost down to that very first floor, and as soon as I reach that number 1 floor your body is going to feel like a puppet, your body will feel like a puppet that has strings attached to your arms and your hands and your feet and your legs, and as soon as I reach that number 1 floor, it's going to feel like I cut all of your puppet strings at once, you won't even be able to support your body weight because all of your puppet strings would have been cut.

Get ready to let go, get ready to let go completely, here it comes, 3, 2 and 1, down deeper and deeper just letting go, relaxing and melting and dropping.

Now from this point on, from this point on, whenever I count to 3 everyone is going to sit up feeling great, fresh and wonderful, feeling really, really good.

However if I say the word "sleep", if I say the word "sleep" and I shake your hand, if I do either those two things you're going to go right back, you're going to go right back to the same wonderful place that you are right now.

And each time you go back to this pleasant wonderful place you're going to go twice as quickly, twice as deeply relaxed as you were the time before.

Now shake their hand and repeat sleep and do what you will!

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Plan - Erotic Hypnosis

Since beginning this plan I have learnt that for success the following is very important and needs to be done at every opportunity:

1) Your wife needs to feel good about herself
2) Your wife needs to feel loved and completely secure in your relationship
3) Your wife needs to increase her sex drive by having more sex.

I was thinking of erotic hypnosis and how I might use it to create a cuckold fantasy to be enjoyed by her. The principles of hypnosis is to make the person completely relaxed and then create mental imagery. So I thought that I might create a cuckold fantasy and then one night tell her to relax and go through the motions of hypnosis, once she is relaxed then i could embark on the fantasy. The objective is not to actually hypnotise her, but rather to follow the principles to allow her to have the fantasy in a completely risk free environment - another vanilla exercise. This should be quite sexy... I also think that creating different scenarios/fantasies to cater for all sorts of possible encounters will open her mind to it in reality. That is, if she is in a similar situation in real life, it may trigger the memory of the fantasy and influence her actions and thoughts, it will also give her a framework for her to use that we can both recognise. I tend to fantasise about realistic scenarios and I think I should start sharing them with her in this way.

Cuckold Wednesdays

Well, we had another fun night on Wednesday, but she did say she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and bombarded. So I have tried to calm things down. So things were just pottering along until last night and we had quite a horny session, very lustful and erotic. Significantly, she kept saying cuckold things to me, like: "Fuck me Cuckyboy! I am going to make you eat creampie! etc etc" I found this very erotic because she had no prompting from me at all and this was days later after she had said she felt overwhelmed. Mmmmmm.....

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vanilla Exercise No.1

I was going to do a list of vanilla exercises until I started on the first one which took so long I decided to do one at a time. Here is the email I sent to my wife:

Hey Gorgeous,

Explanation of vanilla: The term "vanilla" derives from the use of vanilla extract as the basic flavouring for ice cream, and by extension, meaning "plain" or "conventional". In relationships where only one partner enjoys less conventional forms of sexual expression, the partner who does not enjoy such activities is often referred to as the vanilla partner. As such, it is easy for them to be branded unadventurous and dull in sexual matters. Through exploration with their partner, it is possible for a more vanilla-minded person to discover new facets of their sexuality.

I wanted to put together some things that you can do to please and satisfy my needs without removing yourself from your comfort zone, and knowing what a good wife you are, I was sure that you would enjoy trying these exercises for our mutual benefit. I will start with the easiest things for you to do and you will find that you have already done a lot of them already. So here is the first in a series of exercises...

1. Realism: Nothing is more erotic to the budding cuckold than when he believes. It is a predominantly a psychological fantasy, everything happens in the mind, all the feelings that combine to create the sexual high are within. Therefore, when you say anything to the cuckold it will first be sent to the propaganda unit of the mind to check for truth and inconsistencies. When you say "I love big cock inside me" it does not need to be checked because the cuckold knows this as a universal truth (even if it was untrue). He believes it and it excites him beyond measure. It kicks in all his cuckold feelings of inadequacy, fear and jealousy which turn him on in ways you cannot imagine, the same way in which you cannot understand how it would be enjoyable. So when you say something like "I met a hot guy today" this gets processed like a forensic expert from CSI and will prompt many questions to determine the truth of it. It is subject to such scrutiny because it is so important to him - he WANTS this to be true, but he will not be fooled. Therefore, remember that when saying anything to the cuckold YOU must believe it completely before you say it. When you say one of the many things he wants to hear, if it has a ring of truth to it, it will excite him beyond measure. Concentrate on saying things that are true, for instance if you find a guy attractive - tell me. Later you can use this in bed to confess that you are thinking about him, which may not be true, but while I am busy with you, the propaganda unit is working with a skeleton staff and it will pass because it had been established earlier. Tell me when you have felt horny and used your vibrator when I was not available - I love that. Try and find times to do that even when I am around, like when you take a bath - then you can tell me about it later. Try and fantasise about taking another man, then tell me about it in a normal setting, this would indicate to me that you are thinking about it and drive me wild with desire. Talk about the advantages that you are looking forward to, i.e. freedom, increased confidence, making me your slave, lots of sex, going out without me and having "you" time, feeling desirable, etc, etc. To make it believable you need to spend time thinking about the advantages and the exciting elements of the fantasy. Send me erotic emails to show me you are at home feeling horny and thinking about sex. Another great thing you can do, is whenever you want something you can use certain commands to get them providing we are alone. Examples: "Cuckyboy - make me coffee", "Cuckyboy - run my bath" "Cuckyboy - go get my vibrator". While I am fucking you, you can say "Oh babes, I really do need a bigger cock - can you try fuck me harder instead?" but you must believe it, say it with feeling. Talk to me about how you have no idea how you are going to meet someone and wish I could come up with some good ideas. Talk to me about how you wonder how the first time will feel and how it will eventually happen, talk about scenarios that you have imagined.

All these exercises involve only speech - a completely vanilla enterprise. All that is required on your part is to believe in what you say to make me believe. You need to spend some time fantasising about it to enable you to talk convincingly about it. Maybe on the nights you go to bed early you should make it a habit to use your vibrator and fantasise about this, it will also help you to go to sleep afterwards. You could even leave the vibrator on my side of the bed with a post-it note saying "Clean it Cuckyboy"....

Thursday, 17 March 2011

About Last Night

Well it started off badly as usual... we had a little fight. She minced off to the bath so I took the fight to the bath. Later I was downstairs and she came down and said with a smile "I hope you are going to fuck me hard to make up for your behaviour"!!! She was quite aggressive so I said "If you ended that sentence with 'Cuckyboy' it would have been perfect!" We went upstairs and she asked if we should invite Mr buzzy (her vibrator) and I told her to get started whilst I freshened up. I came out of the bath to the glorious sight of her naked with the vibrator on her clit. I asked if she wanted me to suck her nipples (which she loves while using the vibrator) and she nodded. I have been trying to get her comfortable over a long time with anal play, she has always said she will never do it, but I have found that whilst licking her pussy I have been able to gently massage her bud at the same time to great effect and I have slowly been applying pressure and getting in a little. It is amazing to feel what it does when she comes and I know she is starting to enjoy it. Recently I asked if I could put some oil there to make it easier and she agreed. So last night whilst sucking her nipples I started massaging her bud and asked if I could put some oil there - she readily agreed. I then managed to get my finger about an inch into her and imitated the movements of sex - she came sooo badly. Then I started to fuck her. Now remember that this is her night about her wants and needs.  Halfway through she said that she came so badly because she was imagining getting fucked by some one else! This instantly made me fuck her much harder and she started to say things like "fuck me cuckyboy" OMG - can you imagine how excited and turned on I was? I came all over the place and then proceeded to lick her while my cum was pouring out... Just writing this has made me all excited again. Damn, it is so close to happening I can almost taste it.

One problem I can foresee is how to meet someone suitable. She is not keen on meeting someone from the Internet and I do not want to shit on my doorstep by meeting anyone we know or that lives too close. It is hard enough just meeting new people socially. This is an area I am going to have to apply myself to, but I am hoping that if she goes on forum of decent sites like Hotwifing 101 she may change her mind about meeting someone on the net. Now to get started on the ultra vanilla exercises....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Horny Wednesday

Well tonight is her night and she sent me an email saying "I either want to be taken roughly, or  massaged all over followed by some serious pussy licking. Will have to see what kind of mood I'm in tomorrow night.:)" mmmm that first part is not like her... I think things may be changing in her. She also asked me what happens if she starts to develop feeling for the guy she sleeps with - a valid point but I am focused on the progress. Just the fact she asked that question makes my blood race! She also sent me some interesting links...

Sex games
Erotic massage

It is nice to know she is reading these articles...

I have also seen the benefit of constantly reminding her that this is all about her and I am 100 percent committed to her and no-one else. I sent her an email the other day to say this and she said she was so touched by it that it made her cry - here is the email for anyone who needs some ideas:

"Hey babes, it was great talking to you earlier. I know you must have a lot of fears about my kink and I do understand. I will try and take it slow but you must understand how excited I am, this is not a fad or my latest new craze. It is a very old unrequited desire to be with someone so completely and so trustingly that I am able to venture forth with my dark secrets. I am completely in love with you and trust you implicitly. I do understand your lack of confidence and your issues with your self-image and I only want to help you. I really believe that this will give you that confidence you so badly need. But there is no rush and no time limit, I am just really excited that I finally am able to talk freely to you and more importantly for you to reciprocate verbally. It is wonderful and if we didn't have such a strong and committed relationship it would not be possible. I intend to stay with you forever. I am fully committed to you and our wonderful family. I love you and I think you are absolutely gorgeous and sexy - I want you all the time - my only regret is I don't have you all the time."

I am going to concentrate on messages like this to reinforce the idea that she is number one. I am sure that when she is completely secure, she will venture forth. It is all getting quite exciting and I have started talking to her about getting me a chastity device, which is part of the vanilla exercises and will make her feel completely in control! I think I am going to concentrate on building up a list of ultra-vanilla exercises that she can start playing with. I will post it soon.

I also joined quite a good forum about hotwives 

I am going to start calling the posts about her Wednesdays "Horny Wednesdays" and mine "Cuckold Wednesdays" :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday night started off badly, but just like the last time it happened, it turned out brilliantly. It started off with us discussing our debt and our plan to deal with it. I was getting right into it (the plan is so simple and effective - you take all your monthly debts, divide each one by the minimum payment required and use the number as a indicator number. Then you find some extra money (for us it was £25) which is called your multiplier. You the take the debt with the least amount of time (the lowest indicator number) and apply the multiplier to it - so your pay an extra £25 on top of the minimum payment. Once that debt is cleared you add the minimum payment to the multiplier and this becomes your new multiplier and you add this to the next debt. Each time your clear a debt, you add what you were paying to your multiplier and create a snowball effect - it is great). Any way, it must be a man thing getting sidetracked by numbers :) because she says to me (and remember it was my Wednesday) "When are we going to get sexy?"

Well I stopped everything immediately and came over to her with the laptop, my plan was to get her chatting online. We went online to a chatroom and she started to chat - it was great. We had a lot of fun because some of the guys were so ridiculous that we were just falling about laughing. But it opened up lots of doors and we discussed ways to meet other guys. I think that it is not so much now about progress but more about accustomise her to the idea and making it acceptable and making the seed grow - this stage is like watering the seed and letting it germinate. She did speak to one guy she liked talking to which was good. I am hoping to get her involved in emailing other men. One thing that was cool was the things she was saying to the guys - She asked me what to say and I told her just to be honest - one of the things she kept saying was "My husband wants me to cuckold him and being the good wife that I am, I am exploring what's out there" - this made me very horny. We also went on the adult site where I set up a profile for us and looked at the messages and answered them. It was all very exciting. We proceeded to bed a fucked like rabbits. I have been emailing her  Pictures  from a cuckold site and hope this is reinforcing the idea too. This Wednesday is her night so, I am not sure when I will next post, but if anything interesting happens - I will let you know. I am going to send her a list of vanilla exercises I want her to try and do for me too. I almost forgot to say that she has finally made an arrangement to go out with one of her friends and stay at her house for the night - this is a huge step as she has never done this before! Nothing will happen - but you never know your good luck :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Plan - progress

Well I think I have pretty much covered the first three parts of the plan.

1. Planning - It was a general plan outlined by six steps and tailored to suit individual needs.

2. Introduction - I think this is the most difficult stage for many men, where you subtly start to introduce the idea, and I also think that this is one of the most critical stages, luckily for me it was an easy stage because I had always talked about this to my wife, but I did outline ways of introducing the idea to a more conservative wife.

3. Mental Introduction - This is where I tried to get my wife to separate her feelings of sex from her moral character, this is an ongoing thing that I will keep enforcing, by impressing on her that they can and must be separated. This is where I gave her a persona called "Slutty" to take refuge in, where she can feel almost irresponsible for her actions.

4. Vanilla Exercises - This is where I am now. I am going to get her to start to do things that she is comfortable with but takes her out of her comfort zone. i.e. Doing things with no risk element but that she has never done before. The first thing I am going to do is to get her is to go on a chat room and speak to other likeminded people. I am also going to get her to set up a profile on a dating website to guage other peoples reactions and to give her an opportunity to flirt with other men. This Wednesday I will get her on the chat room - I am hoping that she may get involved in a bit of sexy chat, while I eat and pleasure her....

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Well, I must say that having these Wednesday nights dedicated to sex has really improved our sex life. Last night started off really badly, she was sick, had her period and was out of sorts. Once she was out the bath I suggested that an orgasm may make her feel better :) She was not keen and I said it didn't have to involve sex - she could just lay back and be pleasured any way she wants. She asked for a cuddle - this turned into a muffdive with one finger up her bum and made her come intensely. She then invited me to fuck her - but I knew she didn't really want to. I can't resist the feel of her hot wet cunt, so I thought I would go in for a few hard strokes and pull out and finish myself by hand - Once she felt those strokes she actually begged me not to stop - so I fucked her very hard and very fast - OMG - she literally sprayed come everywhere! There were wet patches everywhere, on her gown on the bed, my shirt was soaked and when I went to bed, somehow the pillow had got a soaking as well! Every single Wednesday she has been squirting - It is so cool. She used to years ago but until recently has not done that for years. Things are really getting hot. I wonder exactly what is making her soooo hot? mmmmmm. Damn, I am getting hard just thinking about it!

The next step for me is to sign her up to a dating site without a picture and just get her emailing other guys, this week I am going to get her to go on a chat room at dark cavern and see how that makes her feel. Does anyone know of a good swingers/cuckold site that is 100% free?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My second and third experience

My second experience also involved my cousin from the first experience. I had broken up with my girlfriend but she was always hanging out at my place, one night we went to my cousin's place and he only had a single bed I had a bed on the floor and I was pretty sure she was going to fuck him, I was really excited - BUT - I was pretending to be asleep and I fell asleep and missed everything - I was gutted! My third was much better.

I met a girl one night in a lift and we got talking and I asked her if she wanted to come to a get together i was going to (it was a club i belonged to) and she said yes. We had a great time and I ended up fucking her on a rugby field that night - it was really cool and she was a sex maniac! A couple of weeks later I took her to the same cousin from experience one and two and we sat in the back of the car smoking a joint with her in between us. I mentioned what pert tits she had and he admired them, I then pulled her top up to show him, because I was sure she would not stop me. So we sat there fondling her tits - it was so cool and we both had such hard-ons. We jumped out the car pulled her panties off and he sat her on the boot and started to fuck her - I stood and watched and wanked - at one point his cock came out of her and because he was supporting her with both arms, I grabbed his cock and guided it back into her - it was brilliant. We took turns fucking her and did this again on a separate occasion in a nature reserve. I also got one of my other mates to fuck her in front of me on yet another occasion. She was so cool and she loved getting fucked. It was also the last time my cousin fucked any of my girlfriends. He now lives in Thailand and apparently has lots of sex!

After her I have only had one more experience which was the best to date...

The snarling beast

It is amazing, every month like clockwork - one week before her period, she turns into a snarling beast completely unrecognizable as herself. I am sure this is how legends of werewolves came about... This Wednesday is not looking good... On the bright side it is her Wednesday :) I have been trying to keep a low profile, but I can't help my own nature. For instance, she took out three plates from the oven with a tea towel and lightly burnt herself, then she put them out and touched one and burnt herself again - Then the beast turned on me and demanded to know why I wasn't more sympathetic to which I replied "Well, it's just stupid touching a plate you knew was hot and had just burned yourself on, isn't it?" This went down like a lead balloon and ensured the rest of the night went very badly. Unfortunately, I always speak my mind, which if you read Men are from Mars etc, you will know does not help at all, as women rarely want solutions, but wish to have sympathy instead. Where I never want sympathy and always want solutions. If I hurt myself I expect other people to laugh, that's just the way I was brought up. I was raised by my mom who was a single mother and was very tough - she never cried and tried to make me as tough as possible. My wife is so different - she cries at the drop of a hat and she is mega sensitive and I find it really weird - as I do not have any experience of this. I do try and be understanding, but I find my nature a real stumbling block. Here is to continuing personal development :)