Monday, 21 February 2011

Meet Slutty

I have been reading a blog about how to make your wife a hotwife and the author had a very interesting view that I am going to adapt. He talks about two personalities within a woman ,

The Gatekeeper: A person of great moral character and respectability that is the personality that is presented to the world, family and friends and her prisoner,

The Slut: A wanton goddess of sexuality. He then proceeds to talk about how to communicate with the slut through the gatekeeper and having to be ever wary of the gatekeeper.

I propose a frank discussion with the gatekeeper which I will have this Wednesday. This is the gist of the conversation I plan on having with my wife:

Darling, I am afraid that your secret is out. Now, I understand, that you are everything good - A faithful wife, a good mother, a moral rock and the epitome of respectability. But it has come to my attention that you are a gaoler - A Gatekeeper and you never take a day off. It has come to my attention that you are holding my dear friend Slutty a prisoner, but I wish to spend some time with your prisoner - Slutty on my own so she can be who she wants to be, which I understand is nothing at all like you, but you both need to have your own time to be yourselves. Now I know that she is only let out during sex and we already have a good relationship, but what I propose is on our date night, you dear Gatekeeper can take a day off and leave Slutty in my capable hands - (here is your first lie to the Gatekeeper) I promise not to let her out of the house, and to take good care of her while you relax and have a day off. I understand that Slutty is easily influenced and very sensitive about her wants and needs, so I also promise never to judge her and always accept her as she is. This way you the gatekeeper get a break and she gets an outing where she can let her hair down and have fun - it is a win-win situation.


This way when it is date night your wife can  assume a completely different persona, that is understood to be completely "not like her at all" and she can discard all conventional restraints. I like this idea - it has many applications. Our date night cannot come soon enough...


  1. This just sounds stupid. And, it's not the kind of frank honest approach this blog is meant to foster. This blog should challenge reluctance with honesty safety and communication. Now, of course there's a certain amount of strategy in that not every date night or talk is for it's own sake, but it's not childish or immature either. This post is.

  2. How is this stupid? It is allowing your wife to separate her sexual nature from her everyday nature - thereby allowing her to explore it without guilt. Using a bit of humour in the discussion keeps it light and alleviates tension - this way you can be playful and playfully allude to her "other" nature. This allows her to view it as a game and play with you. You can't be bombarding her with serious discussions all the time - it is supposed to be fun and sexy. You don't get it do you?

  3. I simply don't think further separating the sexual nature from the everyday is a good thing, our society attempts that enough already.

    There is nothing to be guilty about in the first place--nothing if she finds cuckoldress to be a valid empowering expression of herself, nothing if she does not.

    And while you don't need to be serious all the time duh, you also don't need stupid pop psychology exercises, which instead of encouraging the complete person to fully accept themselves encourages the weekend separation of self into things good and things done in the night.

    I find this stupid as a prolonged idea, it is one opinion.

  4. If the exercise intially allows her the latitude to let her hair down and enjoy herself, it can only be a benefit. Later when she comes to terms with her new found expression of herself, she will naturally find the need to seperate irrelevant. As this blog is about helping reluctant wives realise their full potential - it is important to explore all options that may help, otherwise it becomes a blinkered and narrow minded exercise.

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