Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Meet Slutty - Part 2

Well, I couldn't wait plus an opportunity arose for me to discuss the Gatekeeper/Slutty theory with my wife. She was very intrigued by it and completely agreed with the personality traits of the gatekeeper and that led to a frank discussion about her nature which was great, because although we never talked about Slutty, we established her identity and that was a great step.

I am going to send her an email about Slutty and her advantageous characteristics, such as: The fact that Slutty is very confident, confident about her body, herself, confident that she is attractive to other men, and other positive image building characteristics - I am hoping to build up an image of her as a confident, secure, sexy woman and I am going to try and get her to display these characteristics to me in the safety of our own home - a bit like role play, but with the intention of making her believe that she is all these things - I want her to get that self confidence back and make her believe that she is more than her image of herself.

I think a lot of women have low self esteem and a negative self image after having children and becoming stuck in a daily routine as well as getting older - and it is a great shame, because she is beautiful and desirable, and I want to use Slutty to reintroduce her to herself. Maybe my choice of name is not perfect - so I am going to discuss that with her tonight.

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