Friday, 18 February 2011

A Giant Leap

Wednesday went much better than I expected - It started off badly but after a while we chilled out and just chatted, then we decided to watch some porn. I have got hold of some softcore stuff and in particular - a fantastic cuckolding movie called Animal Instincts with Jan Michael Vincent, David Carradine and other well known actors - It was very sexy and my wife and I were naked under a blanket while we watched, with me playing with her pussy. Well when the first cuckolding scene came on she was so wet. The scene is as follows: The husband comes home and hears his wife getting fucked, he quietly goes to the bedroom where he sees her riding a guy and loving it - and he just watches. Phewww - it was hot and my wife came sooo badly watching that, she told me how turned on she was and I started to fuck her and she was telling me how much she wants another man's cock inside her while I fucked her - OMG. I came so badly. Afterwards I told her we should create a profile for her on a cuckold site to see what reaction she got, and she was not VERY keen, but when I said we do not have to put a picture - she seemed more inclined. I left it in the air which was so hard, but pushing will get the opposite reaction, so I left it. I have opened an email account for her - but when I tried to open one for me it kept asking for a phone number to verify - so I have not opened one yet. I told her about the cuckold sites and she was very, very, intrigued when I told her about the Bulls! So I am hoping to register her and send her the link at some point - but it will be much better if we do it together..... This is getting really exciting.