Monday, 14 February 2011

The beginnings - step 1

I think the email idea is going to be quite important. I am going to suggest to her that we open email accounts that are just for our sex life and to be used to send each other naughty emails, to flirt with each other and to confess our fantasies with out the embarrassment of doing it in person. I think that she will find it easier to do it this way. My other motive for this is for her to have a private email to register with certain site (this will be a step much later) so that she can test the waters with no risk. It will be one of the vanilla exercises that I will introduce later. This will also give her the opportunity to connect with other people privately. I think the name of the email account is important too and I will speak to her about naming so as to filter out undesirable responses, e.g if the email address is hotyoungsexmaniac at fuck me dot com, then every randy Tom, Dick and Harry are going to reply - but if it is oldfathag at conservative dot com the audience will be very different. I will give it some thought as we want responses from decent people that are not superficial and have some intelligence and humour. It is not guaranteed, but it will be a start. I also think that a lot of threads between us can be started using her email, I can throw ideas at her and see what she is interested in. It will also be a great way of getting her to read the literature that I want her to read. This Wednesday I am going to suggest we open the accounts together and go from there.

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