Thursday, 24 February 2011

About last night...

Last night was awesome. I told her how beneficial I found this whole exercise and she asked me to explain. I told her that for years I had kept it a secret and being able to talk to her openly about it had been so therapeutic for me and that I felt so much more relaxed, happy and close to her. I also told her that my need was so overpowering that it was all I could ever think about, but now with her help I have found that I am much better and can focus more on her needs.  She definitely took this on board and started to encourage me to talk about it some more. We started chatting about the emails I sent her, because I sent her some pics and two stories which were posted on which has some great stories. She asked me about the types of people that went on these sites and I was telling her that they are just a slice of the population with all kinds of different people, from different backgrounds with a shared interest. We then went on to a cuckold site for me to show her pics of the ladies, then we looked a bulls. She was shocked at how well endowed some of them are and was disappointed by the lack of profile descriptions for them. At this point I was so excited. I created a profile for her and logged in, but unfortunately - they asked for money at the last point - I don't know why they waste your time like that and just can't be up front. Anyway that got me talking about putting a profile of hers up on a dating site and she was worried that someone might recognise her... I had already formulated a brilliant answer. I said we should write in her profile that this is the outcome of a bet that she has taken with her husband following a dispute regarding her. I won't go into details - but if you use this tactic you can make up your own - The prize being too good for her to pass up and hence her presence on the site. On the profile all details will be revealed, enough to fool anyone that we might know but still interest anyone we don't....

She went up to bath later and I came into the bath with her vibrator and sucked her nipples while she pleasured herself - she came very badly. Later I treated her to a long muff-dive, followed by some serious sex with left a huge patch of her juices on the bed, second time in as many weeks - someone once said that this is the true indicator of how they feel about taking another cock and is contrary to what they say...

She also asked when it is her turn, because each week was supposed to be dedicated to one person - but it seems to have been me every week. I am going to pull back completely and make it all about her for two weeks and not mention anything about my kink. It will be romance, romance, romance... until I can convince slutty to come out again. I asked her if she liked the name slutty and she said - "I do tonight".  She also asked me to get some "poppers" which we have not had for about 3-4 years! Hubba Hubba! I am so excited.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Meet Slutty - Part 2

Well, I couldn't wait plus an opportunity arose for me to discuss the Gatekeeper/Slutty theory with my wife. She was very intrigued by it and completely agreed with the personality traits of the gatekeeper and that led to a frank discussion about her nature which was great, because although we never talked about Slutty, we established her identity and that was a great step.

I am going to send her an email about Slutty and her advantageous characteristics, such as: The fact that Slutty is very confident, confident about her body, herself, confident that she is attractive to other men, and other positive image building characteristics - I am hoping to build up an image of her as a confident, secure, sexy woman and I am going to try and get her to display these characteristics to me in the safety of our own home - a bit like role play, but with the intention of making her believe that she is all these things - I want her to get that self confidence back and make her believe that she is more than her image of herself.

I think a lot of women have low self esteem and a negative self image after having children and becoming stuck in a daily routine as well as getting older - and it is a great shame, because she is beautiful and desirable, and I want to use Slutty to reintroduce her to herself. Maybe my choice of name is not perfect - so I am going to discuss that with her tonight.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Meet Slutty

I have been reading a blog about how to make your wife a hotwife and the author had a very interesting view that I am going to adapt. He talks about two personalities within a woman ,

The Gatekeeper: A person of great moral character and respectability that is the personality that is presented to the world, family and friends and her prisoner,

The Slut: A wanton goddess of sexuality. He then proceeds to talk about how to communicate with the slut through the gatekeeper and having to be ever wary of the gatekeeper.

I propose a frank discussion with the gatekeeper which I will have this Wednesday. This is the gist of the conversation I plan on having with my wife:

Darling, I am afraid that your secret is out. Now, I understand, that you are everything good - A faithful wife, a good mother, a moral rock and the epitome of respectability. But it has come to my attention that you are a gaoler - A Gatekeeper and you never take a day off. It has come to my attention that you are holding my dear friend Slutty a prisoner, but I wish to spend some time with your prisoner - Slutty on my own so she can be who she wants to be, which I understand is nothing at all like you, but you both need to have your own time to be yourselves. Now I know that she is only let out during sex and we already have a good relationship, but what I propose is on our date night, you dear Gatekeeper can take a day off and leave Slutty in my capable hands - (here is your first lie to the Gatekeeper) I promise not to let her out of the house, and to take good care of her while you relax and have a day off. I understand that Slutty is easily influenced and very sensitive about her wants and needs, so I also promise never to judge her and always accept her as she is. This way you the gatekeeper get a break and she gets an outing where she can let her hair down and have fun - it is a win-win situation.


This way when it is date night your wife can  assume a completely different persona, that is understood to be completely "not like her at all" and she can discard all conventional restraints. I like this idea - it has many applications. Our date night cannot come soon enough...

Friday, 18 February 2011

A Giant Leap

Wednesday went much better than I expected - It started off badly but after a while we chilled out and just chatted, then we decided to watch some porn. I have got hold of some softcore stuff and in particular - a fantastic cuckolding movie called Animal Instincts with Jan Michael Vincent, David Carradine and other well known actors - It was very sexy and my wife and I were naked under a blanket while we watched, with me playing with her pussy. Well when the first cuckolding scene came on she was so wet. The scene is as follows: The husband comes home and hears his wife getting fucked, he quietly goes to the bedroom where he sees her riding a guy and loving it - and he just watches. Phewww - it was hot and my wife came sooo badly watching that, she told me how turned on she was and I started to fuck her and she was telling me how much she wants another man's cock inside her while I fucked her - OMG. I came so badly. Afterwards I told her we should create a profile for her on a cuckold site to see what reaction she got, and she was not VERY keen, but when I said we do not have to put a picture - she seemed more inclined. I left it in the air which was so hard, but pushing will get the opposite reaction, so I left it. I have opened an email account for her - but when I tried to open one for me it kept asking for a phone number to verify - so I have not opened one yet. I told her about the cuckold sites and she was very, very, intrigued when I told her about the Bulls! So I am hoping to register her and send her the link at some point - but it will be much better if we do it together..... This is getting really exciting.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The beginnings - step 1

I think the email idea is going to be quite important. I am going to suggest to her that we open email accounts that are just for our sex life and to be used to send each other naughty emails, to flirt with each other and to confess our fantasies with out the embarrassment of doing it in person. I think that she will find it easier to do it this way. My other motive for this is for her to have a private email to register with certain site (this will be a step much later) so that she can test the waters with no risk. It will be one of the vanilla exercises that I will introduce later. This will also give her the opportunity to connect with other people privately. I think the name of the email account is important too and I will speak to her about naming so as to filter out undesirable responses, e.g if the email address is hotyoungsexmaniac at fuck me dot com, then every randy Tom, Dick and Harry are going to reply - but if it is oldfathag at conservative dot com the audience will be very different. I will give it some thought as we want responses from decent people that are not superficial and have some intelligence and humour. It is not guaranteed, but it will be a start. I also think that a lot of threads between us can be started using her email, I can throw ideas at her and see what she is interested in. It will also be a great way of getting her to read the literature that I want her to read. This Wednesday I am going to suggest we open the accounts together and go from there.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The beginnings

The beginnings have begun. I spoke quite openly to my wife about how to improve our sex life and she confessed to having quite a few fantasies! She was saying obviously the reality would be very different (later on I am going to offer her different realities - staged realities in which to explore these fantasies - but baby steps first).

It was great that she managed to talk so openly but said she preferred to talk about these things during sex. I am going to try and engage her when we are not having sex to make her get more comfortable with talking about sex/fantasies.

I also thought that I would open up communication with her via email as it is often easier to write down your feelings or admit to things on paper than in person. When we next discuss our sex life I am going to suggest erotic emails as a great way of building up tension and exploring fantasies. I suppose that speaking about these issues is the first hurdle.

One step at a time - it may be long and hard - but I feel that the result is totally dependant on the planning and the beginning stages. If you slowly, slowly, slowly build up on each innocent idea it will not seem like a big hurdle. It is the steps that are important. I sent her an email today with a couple of pictures and a link to a cuckold couples blog. I am going to try and get her to read about real peoples experiences and to realise that this is perfectly normal and practiced by millions of people. This way she can feel part of a community and not a minority.

Once she feels that it is perfectly normal I am sure she will become more enthusiastic. At the moment though we are in the discussion phase - a very important phase. This is were the rules are set down and assurances are given. I think that one of the biggest problems is that women suspect the motive of the male is to sleep with other women - for the true cuckold this could not be further from the truth. This is the one thing that has to be conveyed without saying it. Difficult.

I am looking forward to tonight. I am not going to make the mistake of talking about what I want, I am going to concentrate on what she wants until I am asked what I want. Then I have to figure out what to say first, I think I am going to suggest emailing each other with sexual content or fantasies. I am also going to suggest we send each other articles to read about other people.

Wish me luck and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Monday, 7 February 2011

My first Experience

I was about 15 and staying at my cousin who was 19 and very good looking. We all went out drinking and later me, my girlfriend and cousin went back to his house where he offered me a tablet which I took, it turned out to be Valium and did what he hoped and knocked me out. Soon I was dreaming of having sex and as I started to wake up I realised I had a hard on. Then I realised that I could hear someone having sex. As I started to differentiate between reality and dreams I realised that My cousin was fucking my girlfriend right next to me on the double bed. I could feel the bed moving and hear her moaning in ecstasy. I was so turned-on as I lay there listening to his grunting and her moaning. My back was toward them and I surreptitiously slipped my hand into my pants and started to wank - we all came together. It was amazing. That was the beginning of my kink.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Update on my progress

Just a quick update to let you know where I am personally with all this. I told my wife very early in our relationship what I want. She is shy and conservative and indulges me only in fantasy. She has said that she would try it but I think it is just lip service. Although it is a promising sign. She battles to role play and even when she goes out on her own she can't send me an untrue text like I have asked her to. That's why I felt that I needed a structured approach to this. Something to be done in stages with results! I hope that someone else will try this and let me know how it goes for them. By the way, I spoke to my wife last night about date nights and we agreed to give it a go. So Stage 1 complete! We already talk about the fantasy when we make love but now by splitting the focus between us by having our own date nights, she will be getting what she wants and it will make her more inclined to give me what I want when it is my turn. Everyone is a winner! I also have a great ally in this and that is that I have introduced her to "poppers" or amyl nitrate or butyl nitrate. For those of you who don't know what this is let me explain: It comes in a small bottle and you can buy it over the counter at most sex shops. A little sniff of this during sex changes everything - it is amazing. The best use of it is when she is watching porn and you are fucking her from behind - when she sniffs the poppers she will feel like she is the actress she is watching - it is awesomely horny and does wonders for orgasms. It is best to sniff it seconds before an orgasm. OMG. I have used this to great effect with my wife. I usually fuck her while watching a porno and when she is close I ask her to imagine that she is getting fucked by the guy on screen and then give her the poppers - her little pussy gets saturated and she comes really awesomely. I am sure that this helps to get her mind in the zone.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Planning - Step 1

So here goes the first step! Tell your wife you want to have a date night. Take her out. Have a good time and a couple of drinks, flirt with her, compliment her and make her feel sexy. Then, when she is relaxed and happy tell her that you want to talk about your sex life and how you would love to please her by doing what makes her happy. Ask her what her idea is of the perfect evening leading up to sex and then ask her how she would LOVE to be seduced by you, what she would like you to do. Get all the details. Take it all on board and remember everything. The next time you make love (hopefully that night) do everything she asked for. Then do it again.

When she is totally spent, tell her that you should do it on a regular basis - you should have date nights. Then suggest that you can alternate between her desires and yours. Now is the important part... you have to say how much you enjoyed this evening and how different men and women are when it comes to sex. How women are more emotional and men are more physical when it comes to turn ons and how nice it would be if she could try and do some things that turn you on.

When asked what turns you on - be vague. Keep on safe ground. Say you like it when she dresses up and talk about how exciting it was when you first met and maybe she can pretend that she has never slept with you before and it would be great if she can flirt with you and try and seduce you. Tell her it would be like when you first met, exciting! This will make her very receptive. Once you get her to agree, then make your next date (at home).

As the day draws near tell her how excited you are and ask her what she is going to wear. Talk a lot about what you want. Tell her, as you will (hopefully) be alone and undisturbed at home and that this is about you, maybe she can wear something revealing and no underwear and act a bit sluttish in her attempts to seduce you. Tell her that you would love that. Ask her if she could talk dirty as well. Tell her to try and be a bit of an actress. Now is the really hard part (for me anyway) DO NOT masturbate or have sex for a week before hand, you want to build up your sperm bank to the maximum - this is very important - when you cum she has to notice a huge increase.

On the night have fun - don't be pushy and make her feel like she is doing well. When you make love talk dirty but keep it about only you two - "Do you love my hard cock inside you?" "Tell me you want my cock" "beg me to fuck you" Get HER to talk dirty to you. Then cum everywhere!

When she comments on how much you came - act embarrassed and confide in her that an erotic image just "popped" into your head and caused you to explode! She will immediately ask you what it was. Tell her you can't because you are too embarrassed. She will cajole you to tell her. Tell her that you are also worried it may make her cross. Make her believe it is really bad without saying so. She will start offering suggestions as to what it could be. If she mentions another women say that it is worse than that. Eventually tell her - but build the moment - the *reluctantly* tell her that as you having sex and she was saying all of those wonderful things to you an image popped into your head of her mounting a huge cock and her face was in ecstasy. Tell her that when you saw her fucking another man it had the weirdest effect on you, that you felt jealous and scared - but it was the most erotic sight in the whole world and at that moment, seeing her having such pleasure made you have the most intense orgasm of your life. Watch her carefully for signs. She will be one of three- 1 neutral, 2 disgusted, 3 encouraging. Whatever frame of mind she is in, agree with her - say you are so embarrassed and don't know why the image popped into your head, but also ask her why she thinks it made you come like that. Tell her you find it really weird. Try and explore it with her. Tell her the jealousy and fear of loss really enhanced the experience for you. Like an adrenaline junkie. See how much she wants to discuss it - let her lead. When you are done talk about her next date night and what she would like - make it all about her again.

All we are doing here is laying the foundation. Putting the thought out there.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The plan

I think I am going to break up the mission into separate stages:

1. Planning
2. Introduction
3. Mental Introduction
4. Vanilla Exercises
5. Testing the water
6. Diving in

What I would ideally like is to have a group of members committed to attempting the plan by trying, discussing, revising and planning each stage.

I believe that there is a huge interest in this subject and it is encouraging to see all the information on the web. Unfortunately this, in my opinion, seems to be lopsided and geared mainly towards established cuckolds and pay sites.

I would also love to start a "stable" of bulls that we could dip into, so if any bulls read this please contact me for further info. I would also love input from the ladies.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Welcome to my world

Hi everyone and welcome to my world!

The purpose of this blog is to create ideas on how to get that reluctant wife to cuckold you! There will also be titillating stories and photos and I welcome contributions from readers.

I am new to blogging so it will be a learning curve for me - please be patient.